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ExerciseYour Right to
State Primary Election |
Tuesday, August 4
| 7am - 7pm
These Fine Community Leaders Encourage You to
Democratic Primary
Pearl River County, Mississippi
Robert Gray
Valerie Adream Smartt Short
Vicki Slater
Lt Governor
Jelani Barr
Tim Johnson
Secretary Of State
Charles E. Graham
Attorney General
Jim Hood
State Auditor
Jocelyn Pepper Pritchett
Comm. Of Ag & Comm
Addie Lee Green
S. Public Service Comm
Tom Blanton
S. Transportation Comm
Chad Toney
State Senate 47
Jimmy L. ‘Bo' Alawine
State House Of Rep 93
Billy Joe Ladner
State House Of Rep 108
Leavern Guy
Circuit Clerk
Jeff Brady
David Brumfield
Tax Collector/Assessor
Shirley J. Walker Ceaser
Jimmy Buckley
Patrick ‘Stone Head' Collins
Cubby Donston
Leavern Guy Jr.
Donald Hart
Charles Edward Jones
Clinton ‘Clemmon' Jordan
Supervisor 5
Michael ‘Mike' Thigpen
Republican Primary
Pearl River County, Mississippi
Phil Bryant
Mitch Young
Lt Governor
Alisha Nelson McElhenney
Tate Reeves
Secretary Of State
Delbert Hosemann
Attorney General
Mike Hurst
State Auditor
Mary Hawkins Butler
Stacey E. Pickering
State Treasurer
Lynn Fitch
David McRae
Comm. Of Ag & Comm
Cindy Hyde-Smith
Comm Of Insurance
Mike Chaney
John Mosley
S. Public Service Comm
Samuel F. ‘Sam' Britton
Mike Collier
Tony Smith
S. Transportation Comm
Tom King
District Attorney 15
Hal Kittrell
State Senate 40
Angela Burks Hill
State Senate 44
John A. Polk
State Senate 47
Rogena Mitchell
Joseph M. ‘Mike' Seymour
Anne G. Smith
Mike Tyson
State House Of Rep 93
Timmy Ladner
State House Of Rep 106
Herb Frierson
State House Of Rep 108
Mark S. Formby
Chancery Clerk
Melinda Smith Bowman
David Earl Johnson
Dale Miller
Circuit Clerk
Rance Bedwell
Darrell W. Darden
Sian B. Fazende
Aprel Purvis
Nance Fitzpatrick Stokes
Derek Turnage
County Prosecuting Attorney
Kevin R. Roberts
Aaron L. Russell Jr.
David Allison
Charlie Fazende
John ‘Tank' Herring
Tax Collector/Assessor
Gary Beech
Andrew J. Williams III
PRC Dist. Supt. Of Ed.
Alan Lumpkin
Russell Foster
Lavar Thompson
Mark ‘Chief' Thorman
Supervisor 2
David M. Bullen
Malcolm Perry
Frank Vaccarella
Supervisor 3
Dennis W. Dedeaux
Hudson Holliday
Sylvester Lewis
Supervisor 4
Michael D. 'Don' Fleming
J. Patrick Lee
Farron Moeller
Chris Smith
Supervisor 5
Donnie Saucier
Sandy Kane Smith
N. Justice Court Judge
James Hal Breland
Michael Brown
North Constable
Joe Garcia
Danny Joe Slade
E. Justice Court Judge
Donald D. Fail
East Constable
Ray Merle Bennett
Larry P. ‘Dusty' Dillard Jr.
Shane M. Edgar
W. Justice Court Judge
John Mark Mitchell
W. Constable
Jason Hunt
Edmon T. Penton
J. Patrick
Re- ect
Pearl River County
District 4
that Matters.
mitchellsenate.com 228-249-9791
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21 Years Experience
Sian has 21 years of hands on experience in the Circuit Clerk’s
office. Not only did Sian have the privilege of being trained by
and work for two Circuit Clerks, she has worked under four
Circuit Judges and a County Court Judge. Sian knows all the
rules and procedures for our Circuit County Court, election
and voter lows and marriage laws.
As Circuit Clerk, Sian would be able to stepinto the position
with more than 20 years experience to her credit, which
means she would begin serving the people of Pearl River
County from day one. She understands election law and was
most recently contracted by the county election
commissioners to implement re-districting county-wide.
“It would be my highest honor to serve the people of
Pearl River County as their next Circuit Clerk”
Circuit Clerk
July 20, 2015 |
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