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Anne’s leadership began in Poplarville when she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Poplarville
Area Chamber of Commerce in 1994. With her passion to make a difference, and to help others have a
better quality of life, and to improve her city, she ran for election to the board of Aldermen. Anne was
honored by receiving the majority of votes in the primary. Appointments to Pearl River County Boards of
Directors and organizations followed over the years, along with a commendation of excellence from the
Governor of Mississippi for her work on the census.
Anne supported and/or was instrumental in introducing the following for the city of Poplarville:
• Hattiesburg Clinic’s “Poplarville Clinic”
• Acquisition and development of The City Park
• Burger King
• Mini Mall
• Dollar General
• USDA Office
• Circle drive for the student pick up line at the upper elementary
• Infrastructure of extension of water lines for the future commercial corridors funded through grants
• Junior Police Academy
• Improved communications for fire and police departments
• First responder and firefighter training
• Law enforcement training
• AED lifesaving equipment on board firetrucks
• Mutual aid agreements with city and county fire departments
• Utilization of grants for Cops in Neighborhoods and DARE programs
• Seeking alternate sources of funding for programs, equipment, and personnel
rather than using tax dollars
• Green Space Ordinances
• Water Policy-including back flow prevention for protection of citizens
• Historical preservation
Anne has vision, and believes in a good plan for the immediate and for the long term future. She knew
economic development was a must to prevent tax increases to the tax payers, but wanted to preserve the
integrity of the city and neighborhoods. The green space ordinance would allow buffers, replanting and
landscaping after construction, and preservation of historic large trees.
Anne is a strong advocate for EDUCATION, the 2nd amendment, southern tradition for hunting, fishing,
outdoors - private sector business development, job creation, youth intervention, addressing the mental
health crisis and for affordable insurance for everyone. She will push for those in need and will stand
strongly for what is fair. She will address each issue brought to her attention and would establish good
communication with citizens by town and neighborhood meetings.
She will applaud your achievements, and will give you the push of “you can do this!”, or help you find a
plan when things get tough. For the last decade she has worked on large budget construction projects and
knows what it takes to run a business. Her background is diverse, and she has understanding of many
issues that comes from learning and seeing things firsthand. Going into the field with municipal
departments and paying attention to the people has allowed her to be very effective. Anne could then go
back to city hall and put her knowledge to work from there. She has worked within state law, sees the
limitations, and at times frustration as it translates to home. Anne is a mother, Christian and resident of
Poplarville. She prays and researches all decisions before acting. She has a fresh approach and has
remained untainted by being in politics. She has a proven track record and can bring that same level of
ability to the state as your next State Senator of District 47.
Anne G.
Senate District 47
This ad approved and paid for by Anne Gendusa Smith.
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