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Page 8 Note: All school grant application will be available to be picked up from the blue drop box located in front of the tribal office or by email at - Completed applications can be emailed back with supporting docu- ments attached to email or applications can be dropped off in the Accounting Mail Drop box located in front of the tribal office. (They need to make sure they are stapled securely together so no documents are separated or loss) - All school grant checks will be mailed out. No checks will be allowed to be picked up. September 14 Good morning A quick reminder: We are in the office however, we are still closed to the public. If you need to schedule an in person appointment with our office, please contact us, at (928) 669-5548 or send an email to careerdevelop- We are available to assist and answer your questions. Thank you CDO Department September 11 Just a quick note: CRIT Education and Career Development Offices are two different offices. CRIT Education assists youth K-12, Career Development Office assists Post Secondary Education. CRIT Education telephone number 928 669-8831. Career Development Office telephone number 928 669-5548 or email them For the Fall 2020 term, funding cycle has been approved for ONLINE studies for students. ONLINE studies funding is for TUITION, BOOKS/FEES AND PERSON- AL ALLOWANCES; there is no Room and Board allowance this term, as directed by Tribal Council. Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic everything has changed. You see now the steps the Universities and Schools are taking with distant learning, online studies, hybrid, zoom classes; very few face-to-face classroom settings. This has impacted everyone across the Nation. All notifications are in process and being sent via email to those students that were approved for funding, schools have already been notified of your approval sta- tus. If you are a student and have questions regarding your status please contact our office via phone at 928 669-5548 or email at Merial S Scott Financial Coordinator CRIT CDO IT’S NOT TOO LATE &YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD FIND FREE CLASSES AREA CODE: 85344 WITHIN 50 MILES SEARCH Name: La Paz Career Center Address: 1113 S. Kofa Ave., Parker, AZ 85344-5729 Phone: (928) 669-9812 Are You A Displaced Homemaker? - Are you a male or female who has been dependent on the income of another family member but no longer supported by that income; defined as income lost through: ——death, divorce, legal separation, job loss of spouse or disablement of spouse; or ——Are you the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty who has experi- enced a loss of employment as a direct result of relocation to accomodate a permanent change in duty station of such member? ——Need help finding work or interested in training?