Manataba Messenger

1ST PRIZE: $100 2ND PRIZE: $50 3RD PRIZE: $25 NO DEADLINE FOR PHOTOS THEY ARE ACCEPTED CONTINUOUSLY FIRST 9 PHOTOS GET PUBLISHED NEXT 9 ROLL INTO NEXT ISSUE... KEEP SENDING THEM IN FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! NO LIMIT. To enter, mail photo to: Manataba Messenger, 26600 Mohave Road, Parker, AZ 85344, or email it to: Make sure and include your name, phone number and address, and tribal identification number in case you're a winner! "Have some fun, create your own title." PHOTOS ARE JUDGED BY AN OFF-RESERVATION NATIVE AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL NOT AFFILIATED WITH CRIT OR CRIT TRIBAL MEMBERS TO PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE CONTEST. RULES: 1. Only pictures taken by CRIT tribal members are accepted. 2. No professional photographers or photographs are allowed. 3. No photoshop or Phone/ Computer Apps technology used on photographs is allowed. 4. Must submit full contact information: name, address, phone, tribal I.D..each time you enter. Congratulations Winners! 1st Place winner: Autumn Yava 2nd Place winner: Fawn Tahbo 3rd Place winner: Tiffany Moses COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES c{ÉàÉ VÉÇàxáà “Albert Under The Sea” Submitted by: Jennifer Mata “Sundown On The River” Submitted by: Terry Moses “Hot Summer Day In May” Submitted by: Monica Eddy-Paddock “Just Chillin’” Submitted by: Phyllis Robledo “Our Future. Strong. #Sarabia Kids” Submitted by: Miranda Munoz “Sophia’s Version of Fishing” Submitted by: Joey B. Aspa “Sunset Dreaming” Submitted by: Calvin Simms “September 18, 2020...” Submitted by: Sarita McCowan “Our River. Our Tradition. Sunset Watch..” Submitted by: Sharnette Eswonia Submit to: manatabamessenger UNLIMITED