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Page 3 From the Office of the Secretary: With the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) “Safer At Home” Resolution 135-20 passed by Tribal Council on August 24, 2020, the monthly tribal Boards and Committees have resumed meeting. It brings back some normalcy, but with important safety precautions. Only Department heads, and Boards & Committee Chairs will be allowed in the cham- bers during the meeting to avoid exceeding the “Safer At Home” limit of 10 people in the room. Allowed attendees also include members of the Tribal Council who need to be in attendance as well as the Executive Office staff and the Recording Secretary. The remaining Board & Committee members will appear telephonically. Official protocols will be adhered to before and while in the chambers, and everyone must obey “Wearing of Face Coverings” Resolution 98-20 during meetings. The “Safer At Home” Resolution remains in effect until September 30. At that time, the Tribal Council will review if restriction can be lifted, contingent on the increase or decrease of Covid-19 health threats. Currently, there are two vacancies on the Business Enterprise Board; applications are available at the Tribal Executive offices or online at Applications can be dropped off in the drop box in front of the Tribal Administrative building or emailed to . Applications are accepted until the position is filled. Interested Tribal Members who may not have access to the internet can call 928-669-1219 or 928-669-1221 to request an application. December is just a few months away and many of the Boards and Committee appointments will be expiring at the end of the year. The Tribal Boards and Committees serve as advisory or regulatory groups. The Board and Committee members set standards, make decisions regarding policies, and provide guidance to Tribal government programs. Beginning in October, the office of the Secretary will be preparing the Board and Committee vacancy listing for Tribal Council’s action to adver- tise. Please be on the lookout for future announcements. If you currently serve as a Board or Committee member and have lost or misplaced your letter of appointment stat- ing your term(s), you are welcome to inquire by calling 928-669-1219 or 928-669-1221. Tribal members who are considering which Board or Committee to serve on, please remember that your commitment of personal time is essential to be an effective member. In most of our Tribal beliefs and customs it is unthinkable to talk about losing a loved one before their passing. However, it is the duty of the Secretary’s Office to inform and remind the Tribal Membership of how the Tribe can financially assist families. In 2013, Tribal Council approved Resolution 181-13 to provide financial assistance for qualified deceased CRIT members. Prior to Covid-19, the office of the Secretary would meet in- person to explain the financial process with bereaved families, but the Administration offices are currently closed to the public and meetings are held telephonically. Many will most likely take part in making funeral arrangements at some point. Having the neces- sary information in advance will help assist when making the tough decisions. Please feel free to call my office at 928-669-1221 to setup an appointment. There is no right or wrong way to talk about death and losing a loved one is very personal and emotional. Be assured this office and the Tribal Council understands and remains committed to sup- porting bereaved Tribal Member families during their loss. Although, the cooler fall weather offers some relief from this summer’s record-breaking heat, flu season is upon us. We need to remember to remain vigilant during the pandem- ic. As the days cool, the Holiday season draws near, bringing more challenges and risks of another outbreak of Covid-19. Let us all do our part to keep the curve flattened. As Councilwoman, I remain committed to keeping the health and safety of our Tribal Members a top priority. Tribal Members, don’t forget to make your vote count by going to the polls on November 3rd and voting for the candidates of your choice! Kora 'iyem - Amelia Flores . Application and Eligibility Requirements Available Online CRIT Drive Thru Census Event @ Manataba Park L-R: Debi Nalwood, Tribal Census Partnership Specialist, Southern Arizona; Erica James, Lease Compliance Spec./ Census Field Supervisor; Guy Blaine, Census Recruiter; Councilwoman Flores; Kathleen Winters Census Recruiter. Photo left: Amelia Flores with Yasmine Kleinman receiving her free Dairy Queen gift card!