Page 26 — Property Management Quarterly — January 2021 Management A property management com- pany has an extensive list of responsibilities. Frommainte- nance and repair oversight to collecting rent, the work often is endless.The comfort and well-being of your tenants is a primary goal, and this extends to their safety and secu- rity.The identification of potential secu- rity gaps and solutions are part of the job description, and property managers are relied upon to safeguard residents and reduce liability issues. Security threats are increasing worldwide, and the increase of homelessness, civil unrest and crime rates has exacerbated this.Tenants, residents, customers and vendors depend on measures to secure and enhance the daily work environ- ment.Tenant companies or residents often prioritize security when shopping for space. Certain industry sectors such as data centers, financial institutions and health care facilities also may require higher levels of security. Let us reviewwhere you are now, and what you could do in 2021 to enhance your own security. Believe it or not, some ideas do not require much budget. n Current state evaluation. There are, of course, the basics in property management security, which continue to evolve and improve.These are not new, but now is a good time to review your situation and see what needs work. Beyond the locks, doors and card readers, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, on-site security guards and access control for the main entrance and ground floor should be reviewed annually. n Security 2021 and beyond. Client demand for higher levels of security is increasing in the Denver market and could require increased security spend- ing in the coming months and years. With increased risks and demands from tenants, security has moved to the forefront for most property owners and managers. Investment should be made to extend beyond the standard security measures such as access con- trol, cameras, license plate readers, light- ing, environmental design, cleanliness, etc. New technolo- gies, new insights and new best practices emerge on a regular basis. Property owners and managers need to be proactive in today’s environment to meet market demands. n Communicate, collaborate and cooperate. It doesn’t cost anything to be informed. Property managers with close working relationships between industry associations, tenants, retail players, security companies and local police and community forums have more success in addressing their secu- rity threats. Reach out to groups such as ASIS Denver and others. There are many resources online to understand the criminal activity in your neighborhood. One of the best is You also can try your local police department website. Denver Police has an interactive crime map: www. police-department/crime-information/ crime-map.html. n Education and training . Security officers are trained in various methods of communication skills. Most security companies include eight to 24 hours of specialized training for their officers to be able to address myriad situations. Still, with today’s environment, more advanced training that specifically addresses de-escalation of dangerous threats or management of aggressive behaviors may be beneficial. Many national providers of security officers offer these types of additional train- ing online for their officers.There also are numerous different free resources available on the internet.Work with your provider to determine what would be best and how to appropriately budget for the additional time and expense. n Lighting. While an essential to basic security, effective lighting often is overlooked. From delivery and parking areas to entrances and exits, providing for round-the-clock visibility can be an effective deterrent. A well-lit property is a great way to protect your property investment while making your tenants feel secure at the same time.The ideal locations for lights are near entrances, driveways, backyards, porch areas, public areas and between buildings. Motion-detecting lights also can be installed to help alleviate energy costs. Depending on the area of the prop- erty and associated threats, a self- defense flashlight may be something you could recommend to tenants or residents.You may want to check with your security officers, see if this is part of their standard tool belt. A small flashlight can be used to defend your- self from a would-be assailant.When- ever you encounter a threat, shine the light on his face and dominate his eyes. The bright light will cause momen- tary blindness and disorientation, providing enough time to flee or engage your attacker. n Cybersecurity and IoT. Money and data: Your business and your clients are both at risk of exposing this informa- tion. How are you helping protect them as well as yourself? Preventing security incidents in your company and for your tenants can be addressed often with the right training and conversations. Did you know that 43% of cyberattacks target small business? n Redundancy of security. Often in Class A office buildings, anyone with access to the elevators has access to other floors.Technology has advanced, protecting individual floors with turn- stiles located on the ground floor that work in conjunction with an access control system and elevator dispatch software to operate the elevators to ensure credentialed access only on authorized floors.This movement toward multiple security levels can be used in other types of buildings as well. n Biometric readers. Magnetic stripe or proximity card readers slowly are being replaced by various types of biometric readers. Biometric readers match a database to a user’s physical characteristics to determine authorized entry. (This can include fingerprint, reti- nal scan, facial recognition, etc.) n Summary. Protecting the people and property of your clients is a vital component of the responsibility of a property manager. Much of what has been the norm for the past few decades is still the same.Yet much has changed, and the required technolo- gies and skills evolve. Being proactive and engaging with your staff and your security providers can be beneficial in ensuring there are no gaps.While you may have many choices, not all of them are expensive or time con- suming. s Enhance asset security without breaking the bank Kevin Carter Business development manager, security services, GardaWorld, and vice chair, ASIS Denver Mile High Chapter, kevin. Asphalt Installation & Overlays l Remove & Replace Patching l Concrete Installation l Curb & Gutter & Sidewalks l Infrared Patching l Crack Sealing l Seal Coating l Pavement Marking/Striping “APEX PAVEMENT SOLUTIONS continues to grow in its stature in the paving industry of Colorado. The company has steadily built a solid reputation for high quality and customer service. 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