38 / BUILDING DIALOGUE / June 2021 KTI’s Hospitality Team Shares a Few Favorite Things Designer Approved 1. Sustainable Materials: Muratto Cork Blocks – Abigail Eberhard Now more than ever designers want to utilize natural elements and sustainable materials within their designs to focus more on the health and safety of their occupants. What better product to use than cork? Cork is antimicro- bial, antistatic, water-resistant, recyclable and biodegrad- able; all characteristics that contribute to cleaner airspace. One of cork’s finest features is its natural beauty with its unique grain, texture and color. No two pieces are alike, and it effortlessly brings warmth into a design as well. With the Muratto Organic Block Cork Strips, designers can transform surfaces into dynamic, sophisticated, and playful focal points by utilizing any of their distinctive patterns and bold colors while also providing acoustical support and contributing to cleaner air. 2. Dal-Tile: Antimicrobial Tile – Amber Bryan With an increased focus on the importance of cleanliness in our everyday environments, manufacturers realize that it is not just the cleanability of a product that their customers are looking for, but also the use of antimicrobial technology to contribute to the fight against all viruses. Dal-Tile has recently released an innova- tive new product to promote cleaner spaces. Its “Famed” porcelain tile collection is produced in beautiful marble-look designs that feature Microban technology. Microban provides powerful antimi- crobial product protection that is built into the product and does not wash off or wear away. We want our spaces to be both beau- tiful and to promote healthier environments and by blending those two needs, this product provides both elegance and peace of mind. Inspired by necessity and innovation. Inventiveness and intrigue. We, the hospitality team at KTI (Kimberly Timmons Interiors), collectively are delighted to share with you some of our new favorite design things. As we begin our gradual ascent from the firm grasp of an unexpected, and challenging past 12-plus months, we are excited by the potential of what awaits on the design horizon for our industry and have been energized by this time of rebirth and creativity in products that give our design visions even more personality. 3. Cortina Leathers: Silicone Fabrics – Susan Odette As businesses begins to reopen, and the hospitality in- dustry continues to reimagine the customer experience to ensure a sense of comfort and well-being among its guests, silicone has begun to make an emerging come- back in our industry. The New Age discovery of silicone technology enables textile manufactures to create func- tional, high-performance and intelligent textiles, which can satisfy the demands of our pandemic reality for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike leather and vinyl, silicone is resistant to abrasion, cracking, staining and weathering and is BPA free, but mimics the desirable hand and texture of genuine leather.