September 2020 \ BUILDING DIALOGUE \ 29 Architecture Landscape Architecture Real Estate Advisory Planning & Entitlements Visual Media 303.734.1777 ELEMENTS LEED velopers are learning and adapting to these market de- mands.” Sandberg says The Espadín has been years in the making, even undergoing a name change recently from The Lighthouse Lofts in February to integrate with the restaurant, and the unique rental options created with this new development. Urban Green purchased the land in October 2016, and broke ground in 2018. Sandberg notes that in every step along the way, Urban Green kept the LEED Platinum certification at the forefront. “We looked at all aspects of the building, from water and energy efficiency, mechanical systems, additional insulation and high-quality windows, to how we recycled and tracked our waste. We lost a few subcontractors and con- sultants before we even broke ground and had to find new ones because some of our regulars couldn’t meet or beat our criteria,” Sandberg said. “We set high standards and expectations.” Hard-hat tours recently restarted and Sand- berg says interest is high due to the green na- ture of the building and the unique rental expe- rience provided to buyers. “We’re four years into this project,” Sandberg said. “But it’s been worth it, not just because of the LEED Platinum recognition, but also because I’m proud to be part of something special that I believe (the integration of sus- tainability with truly inspired design) will continue to push our industry forward.” \\ Focusing on building a more energy-efficient building can cost a bit more, but the developer says the effort is worth it.