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Cross-Media Publishing

SignatureFlip Publication Services gives you a way to distribute publications without recreating or converting content into the various formats manually. We transform your PDF into an interactive experience, website, and mobile app through the use of bookmarks, embedded links, and RSS feeds.

SignatureFlip is compatible with any modern device

HTML5 for Mobile Devices

SignatureFlip Publication Services makes your publications accessible from all mobile devices. There is no need to install an app, your publication is viewed with all of the features of a native app. You can swipe to flip pages, pinch to zoom, watch videos, navigate links, share to social media, all through your mobile browser.

SignatureFlip is compatible with any modern device

Selling Publication Paywall Subscriptions

With SignatureFlip Publication Services you can start selling paywall subscriptions for your digital publications. Just set the price and we take care of the rest including payment processing and document protection.

SignatureFlip is compatible with any modern device

Interesting Fact

According to , "when getting news through apps, young people say they prefer a print-like experience" and in addition "half of U.S. adults now own mobile devices and a majority use them for news....Understanding these differences is important for news organizations and others in the mobile realm as they carve new pathways for content – and for revenue to support it."

SignatureFlip is compatible with any modern device

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