Swap Shop

WANTED: Vehicle me- chanic to install a water pump. Please Call 228- 209-0253. WANTED: Reasonably priced, working, used re- frigerator in fair condi- tion. Call 228-243-2331 or 228-243-6836. WANTED: Babysitter for 7-year old child, Mon- day-Sunday. Please Call 228-209-0253. WANTED: Someone to build a deck. Please Call 601-215-0682. WANTED: Dog or pet carrier. 601-754-8818. WANTED: Used tractor tires, 11X2X24. Call 601-916-2237. WANTED: VCR/DVD combo with remote. Text only to 601-590-3401. WANTED: Lawn mow- ers of any sort. Please Call 601-347-2589. WANTED: Corelle din- nerware, Fruit Basket (apples and pears) pat- tern. Please Text only to 601-590-3401. WANTED: 30-Inch alu- minum or fiberglass door for deer stand. Please Call 601-736-5020. WANTED: Gourd for birdhouse or bird nest. call 985-774-9525. WANTED: 1990-1997 Nissan truck. Please Call 601-814-0688. WANTED: Fishing equipment. Please Call 601-347-2589. WANTED: Vintage jew- elry. Call 601-347-2589. WANTED: Older auto- matic pickup truck. Call 601-754-8818. WANTED: Bucket trac- tor. Call 601-799-6993. WANTED: Chest type freezer. 601-273-9068. WANTED: Wanted to rent a 1-bedroom apart- ment or house. Please Call 318-946-7647. WANTED: Antiques and collectibles. Please Call 601-517-6448. WANTED: 36-Inch exte- rior door. Please Call 601-731-0488. WANTED: Steel gui- tarist, violinist, key- boardist, harmony singer. We play only 1950’s-1960’s music. If you’re ready to go to work, call 228-304-5060. If you have items that you would like to ad- vertise in The Swap Shop News, e-mail your ad to swap- shop@wrjwradio.com ; or text or leave voice mail at 769-926-0123. 20 | Swap Shop News | Jan 17, 2022 Prayer is personal, and so is our Novena Service. Place a Novena in the Swap Shop Paper, and send it to 7 MS Counties and 2 LA parishes. Novena ad costs: $30 for up to 100 words. Runs for 2 weeks. Call 601-798-4835 or email: info@swapshopnewspaper.com