Mesa Legend

V OLUMe 56, I SSUe 14 May 8, 2018 C OPYRIgHT @ M eSa C OMMUNITY C OLLege Check us out on social media! Just the Facts MCC dodges questions about why the college Powwow was cancelled Sierralie Perez MesaCC Legend On March 9 Mesa Legend received an email stating the Mesa Community College (MCC) Powwow planned for April 7- 8 was cancelled. There was no further explanation for the decision. We want to know why. The Mesa Legend tried to get answers and contacted several MCC senior staff members to get them -- and there was no response, at first. The college community and the community around the campus should know why the Powwow was cancelled. The decision has left students, and us for that matter, wondering if the Powwow wasn’t important to MCC. We went directly to Jim Larney, the director of the MCC American Indian Institute, but all we got was the following email addressed to ML reporter Sierralie Perez, who’s been working diligently on this story since March: (See POWWOW, pg. 2) Native American at the 2015 POWWOW. (P hoto courteSy of Mcc) Teamsters for Teachers Unions comes together to support teachers during #RED4ED Sydney Ritter MesaCC Legend On April 27, a week long protest began for teachers and schools in Arizona took place outside of the State Capital. Teachers, students, parents and community members gathered together to show solidarity for the educators of Arizona. Along with everyone involved, the Teamsters Local 104, a group consisting of union members from several different organizations, showed their dedication and support at the protest. Many of the union members and volunteers stood out by their table and handed out free posters and buttons to the marchers as they started and finished their walk. “All the unions that could came together in support of our teachers. We’re in support of AFT, the American Federation Teacher Union in Arizona, bringing awareness to everyone that this is an important issue,” said Dawn Schumann, special projects coordinator and political coordinator for the Teamsters Local 104. “Today we wanted to make sure that we made a stand with all of our union brothers and sisters in support of AFT and our teachers.” The Teamsters planned to walk into the state capital but as they waited for the session to start, it was delayed by the representatives. Instead of feeling defeated, Schurmann and her team went back out to talk to the other tables next to them, hand out protest posters and make sure their union brothers and sisters were hydrated in the Arizona heat. After two hours, the Teamsters lead a walk into the capital during the first day and listened to the members of the State House of Representatives. Each representative spoke to the floor about the Red for Ed protest and the teamsters watched from the audience and cheered as empty chairs filled up with teachers and other supporters. (See UNION, pg. 11) Dawn Schumann Limebikes pg. 5 Dawn Schumann cheers alongside teamsters. (P hoto : S yDney r itter / MesaCC Legend ) Study Abroad pg. 9