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Page 2 THE 49TH TRIBAL COUNCIL OF THE COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES 2022 CRIT Water Meeting: Working to Achieve the Community’s Directive Chairwoman Amelia Flores speaking with tribal members prior to start of Water Update meeting at CRIT Enterprise Bluewater Cinemas all tribal council were present for informational power point and Q & A with tribal membership. Powerpoint presentation and Q & A took place at the CRIT TC-hosted informational update (April 26. 2022) A Powerpoint presentation entitled “Working to Achieve the Community’s Directive” took place at Blue Water Cinemas. It was produced and coordinated by CRIT Tribal Council as an ongo- ing effort by this administration to conduct business and make decisions: openly and transparently, with a high level of accountability to their community, and acknowledging relevant community input with the fullest possible participation of tribal community members. Typically, Powerpoint presentations are made to them, and they ask questions at the end. In late April, just the opposite occurred. Keeping their promise in a previous month’s People’s meeting, CRIT Tribal Council came through with a Water Update pres- entation and update forum. Although it had to be rescheduled due to a facility renova- tion issue, the production and meeting were finally able to take place at Bluewater Cinemas movie theater. Unfortunately, the notification flyer could not be posted for an extended time due to the postponement-Chairwoman Flores apologized for this at the beginning of the meeting while stating she was encouraged to see a packed room of tribal members in attendance spite of the hiccup. The presentation by CRIT Tribal Council was a 22-slide PowerPoint that took approxi- mately 30 minutes to present. During the presentation, tribal council members had seg- ments that they read. CRIT Farm Manager Josh Moore was also in attendance and gave inciteful and encouraging information regarding the status of CRIT Farms and future endeavors. Afterward, a Q & A took place, with CRIT Tribal Council members fielding and answer- ing questions from CRIT Tribal Members, ranging in subjects from Fallowed land, com- pensation, air quality, and indigenous history and cultural significance. Tribal members in attendance were given a copy of the presentation and a copy of the CRIT bill 3308 to take home with them. Future updates are forthcoming.