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To: From: Colorado River Indian Tribes Manataba Messenger 26600 Mohave Road, Parker, AZ 85344 Vol. 6 ISSUE 41 The Official Publication of the Colorado River Indian Tribes CRIT Nation, Parker, Arizona 85344 Sinom ` Dine FREE OF CHARGE Website: Facebook: CRIT Manataba Messenger ,, ,, ,, Newewe AhaMakhav TWENTY-SEVEN PEOPLE ARE ACTIVELY RUNNING TO REPRESENT THE COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES. Voter’s Guide: Duties, Dates, Information, and Platforms GENERAL ELECTION DECEMBER 5TH, 2020 The following tribal member’s candidacy and petitions are hereby certified by the Tribal Council for participation in the December 5, 2020 General Election: TRIBAL CHAIRMAN: (CHOOSE ONE) Richard Evans Amelia Flores Dwight Lomayesva, Jr. Granthum Stevens Dennis Patch TRIBAL COUNCIL (4) YEAR: (CHOOSE THREE) Timothy Mariscal Johnson “JD”Fisher Leo Scott Woodrow Sharp Richard Dillon Esquerra Jimmy Alcaida Amanda Barrera Anthony Stone, Jr. Tommie Miller Tim Stevens-Welsh Etta Anderson Robert “Bobby” Page Chance Fisher Tommy Drennan Valerie Welsh-Tahbo Lori Knighton Jaymee Moore TRIBAL COUNCIL (2 ) YEAR TERM: (CHOOSE ONE) Jermaine “Boyda” Fisher Daphne Hill-Poolaw Josephine Tahbo Erica James Daris Laffoon M anataba M essenger