Manataba Messenger

Page 5 As of Sept. 18, 2020 current tribal membership roll count is: 4535 COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES ENROLLMENT DEPARTMENT Tribal Identification Cards Tribal Identification cards are issued to all enrolled Tribal Members. Please note we do not use the Social Security Number as the enrollment number anymore. Each enrolled tribal member has an assigned enrollment number. If you do not know your assigned enrollment number contact our office and the staff will be happy to provide you with your permanent enrollment number. Listed below is the cost breakdown for a Duplicate Tribal Identification card, and/or a certified copy of birth certificates, social securi- ty cards and CIB’s: First Issue Tribal I.D. Card FREE OF CHARGE Duplicate Tribal I.D. Card $12.00 (Includes a name change, address change, picture photo, etc.) Certified copy Birth Certificate $3.00 Certified Social Security Card $3.00 Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood $1.50 CASH OR MONEY ORDERS ONLY. CONTACT INFORMATION: By Telephone: (928) 669-1240 or 1241 By Mail: Colorado River Indian Tribes, Attention- Enrollment Department, 26600 Mohave Road, Parker, AZ 85344 By Email: ; nikari.nez@crit-; or Free of charge for CRIT Tribal Members. THE TIME IS HERE: Be Counted. OR Be Counted Out. . Get your children enrolled ASAP . The Census is a count of every person who lives in the United States. It happens every 10 years and will be over soon. Because we do not share enrollment information with the government, it is important for us to help provide an accurate count of Native Americans on the Reservation and in the United States. These numbers help shape how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed each year for programs and grants to communities like ours. The federal grants the tribes has received for funding to fix and modernize our Irrigation sys- tem is a good example on the cover of this month’s issue of the Manataba Messenger. Remember, your responses are confidential and protected by law. Information cannot be shared with other government agencies or law enforcement including federal, local, and/or tribal authorities. Regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, or where we live, we all need to be counted. The online application takes 15 minutes. Go to and fill it out today, you can use your iPhone or your child’s laptop recently provided by the Tribes. Please fill out your Census information. It is vital and can benefit Native people in our community! CALLING ALL TRIBAL COUNCIL CANDIDATES THE TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW DEADLINE IS 30 DAYS AWAY. The Manataba Messenger is mailed into everyone’s home as a result of COVID-19. Do not miss this valuable opportunity to get your platform seen and read in the FULL COLOR CRIT Tribal Election 2020 Special Edition. 250 WORDS + ONE PHOTO- NO EXCEPTIONS. Submit to: Manataba Messenger Election 2020 with your name in the Subject line. Please submit to: or to MMsgr. box in CRIT Mailroom. HARD DEADLINE IS SET FOR FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2020 AT 5 PM YOUR PLATFORM WILL BE OUT FOR FULL 35 DAYS BEFORE ELECTION.