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It is 4:51 p.m. and the phone starts to ring. The interview wasn’t for another 9 minutes, yet the other end of the line were two excited voices ready to tell all. It was Steve and Cathy and they were ready to talk! The Evangelista’s represent a unique growing population of Generation X who are trading the big house with the “honey do” list for resort-style, maintenance-free living. With the motto of living life to the fullest…these individuals are not only working hard but they play even harder. Charming, witty, fun and full of energy, Cathy and Steve Evangelista embody this new era of residents emerging into the Leisure World community. If you have met Cathy and Steve, you know that this comical duo is likely the last to leave the dance floor, share belly laughs with friends and seek out new adventures before returning to a full day’s work the next day! “We have a saying at the foot of our door,” laughs Cathy. “Where the stress ends, fun begins!” Cathy, a government worker and Steve, a warehouse manager for a plumbing manufacturer became residents of Leisure World on May 31, 2018, after living in their home off Southern Avenue for 20 years. The pair were looking to move into an active place with a ton of amenities. Leisure World crossed off many of their “wish list” and became their dream residence. “It’s funny we were told that residents at Leisure World were snobby,” says Cathy. “When our realtor gave us the tour, everyone was just so nice. It was a completely different experience than what we were expecting.” To add to their experience as young residents, The Evangelista’s recall the first dance that they attended in the Hopi/Pima rooms. New to the community, Cathy and Steve had no idea how “things worked” as far as seating arrangements were concerned. A seasoned resident noticed that they were new and offered seats at The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. Be vigilant at crosswalks! Steve and Cathy Evangelista The Ricky and Lucy of Leisure World! continues on page A5 continues on page A7 Evangelista’s being the life of the party. American poet Joan Walsoh Anglund wisely noted that “Friendship is like a rose, opening one petal at a time, only as it unfolds day by day, it reveals its true beauty.” And so it was for Leisure World residents Dorothy and Don Higgins who fell in love after becoming best friends and married on February 9 at Leisure World. When they met, Don and Dorothy both agreed in saying, “It was not love at first sight, but rather, a beautiful friendship that blossomed to spark their love.” Serendipity Strikes As chance would have it, Don and Dorothy met at a neighborhood party in Leisure World in June 2021. Don and Dorothy—both 79 and widowers—were not looking for love. But after meeting Dorothy, Don decided to ask her to join him for a picnic two days later at Saguaro Lake. “It was our first date!” recalls Dorothy, a Leisure World resident since 2008. “I wasn’t looking but life is full of surprises, and Don has proven to be a wonderful surprise!” The date was the beginning of a whirlwind 10-month courtship. Since Don had recently bought an RV, the couple spent the entire summer traveling and getting to know one another. “We discovered how much we get along,” explains Don, who moved into the community in 2020. “We just mesh!” An Unexpected Proposal On January 26, Don asked Dorothy to marry him when they were in in Cape Coral, Florida, Don and Dorothy Higgins: Finding Friendship and Love! Easter Traditions Explained For Christians, Easter is a deeply religious holiday, celebrating the day Jesus arose from the dead after the Crucifixion. It has also become a highly commercial event, full of chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter baskets, and colorful eggs. And, of course, there’s the Easter Bunny, dropping off baskets of treats in the middle of the night to delight children everywhere on Easter morning. But how did the dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies and other popular traditions become such a large part of the celebration? 1. Easter Eggs: Traditionally, chicken eggs represented Jesus’s tomb, and cracking the eggs open symbolized Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. Eggs were usually dyed red to signify the blood of Christ. Today, children enjoy coloring eggs in a variety of hues for Easter egg hunts and to give to family and friends. 2. Easter Bunny: Many parents give their children toy bunnies to celebrate the holiday. Besides being cute and cuddly, bunnies symbolize birth–due to their procreation–renewal and springtime, when Jesus rose from the dead. 3. Chocolate Fever: Where does all the chocolate come from? “The tradition of chocolate eggs began in 19th-century France and Germany and soon spread to the rest of Europe and eventually the United States. To receive special Easter eggs, children were told to make nests from hats or baskets so the Easter Bunny could leave them there. Many Christians are also eager to eat chocolate on Easter because it’s a common modern-day sacrifice during Lent. 4. Lamb: Lamb is often served during Easter dinner to remind Christians of Jesus’s sacrifices. Jesus was referred to as the “lamb” of God because of the sacrificial manner of his death. Many Jewish traditions also used lambs as a sacrificial animal. 5. Hot Cross Buns: During the 12th century, monks made bread rolls studded with raisins and currants, marked with a cross of icing on top and eaten on Good Friday. Many people make a batch to share with family and friends—a sweet reminder of faith and fidelity. Start this tradition now by making your own: https://tastykitchen.com/recipes/holidays/hot-cross- buns/. Easter egg hunts, toy bunnies and food are symbols of the holiday and remain wonderful ways to remember Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. On Easter Sunday, spend time worshiping and celebrating with your family and friends. And while you’re at it, be on the lookout for chocolate Easter eggs! Happy Easter! Newlyweds Don and Dorothy Higgins by the Promenade Fountain. 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