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New Leisure World Dog Park: A Beautiful Oasis for Your Furry Friends! January 2022 www.lwca.com See Great Shows! Page B1 Holiday Lights Winners Page A5 Annual Board Meeting January 19 Page A3 L EISURE W ORLD N EWS The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. Turkey Trotters Support Team Zale and Parkinson’s Network For the 7th Annual Turkey Trot, Leisure World trotters were Team Zale, supporting beloved residents Jan and Mike Zale, who is currently battling Parkinson’s. “We are Team Zale,” says Jan excitedly! “That is my husband in the wheelchair. We are walking today to support him.” Approximately 110 excited participants ran or walked 5k along Leisure World Boulevard on November 24, 2021, to raise money for the Parkinson Network of Arizona and the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. “We are supporting a fabulous cause for this year’sTurkey Trot,” says Fitness Manager Quoc Tran. “Unfortunately, many Leisure World residents are battling Parkinson’s, and this was a great way to highlight this disease and the much-needed services provided by the Parkinson’s Network of Arizona.” Founded in 2006, the Parkinson Network of Arizona is a voluntary alliance that supports the outreach programs of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center through funding, community building, advocacy and by increasing public awareness. It also advocates for better health care for individuals battling Parkinson’s disease so they can live a better future. The event was sponsored by Modern Physical Therapy, Hearing Life East Valley, Inspira Gateway, Crockett Dental, Arizona Songbird Senior Placement, Semper Fi Heating and Cooling and HomeWell Care Services. A Family Affair Former Leisure World Recreation Director Jan Zale participated in the 5k with family and friends to support her husband, Mike. Jan walked along the course with her daughter Amanda Comstock and her sister, fellow Leisure World resident Pamela Halpin. Son-in-law Mel Comstock kindly ran while pushing Mike in his wheelchair. “It was a great day for our family,” says Amanda. “My husband Mel was a real team player by racing with Mike in his wheelchair so that he could also participate. It was very special!” “Being together as a family for this great event to raise awareness about Parkinson’s and to support my brother- in-law Michael means so much!” adds Pamela. “It warmed my heart so see all the love and support Mike received from this incredible community!” Unfortunately, Mike began to show symptoms of Parkinson’s in 2015. Two years later, he was officially diagnosed through the Veterans Affairs Health Administration. Mike is a veteran of the Unites States Army and fought in the Vietnam War where he flew Huey helicopters. Sadly, doctors determined Mike’s Parkinson’s was a result of exposure to Agent Orange, a tactical herbicide Have you been looking to set up play dates for your furry little friends but cannot find a good place to do so? No need to fret! Leisure World’s four-legged friends now have a beautiful oasis to play and run around in. The island between 65th and 66th Streets on Leisure World Boulevard is home to our new community dog park! “We are very pleased to have a beautiful new dog park that residents and their pets can thoroughly enjoy safely,” says Community Manager Jason Doll. “Great things happen when departments work collaboratively to provide a much-needed service to residents and their beloved creatures.” Inspiration Strikes The idea for a new dog park first emerged during a Governing Board meeting in April. Former Community Manager Bob Kimble then began working with various departments to make this happen. An outside landscape designer was subsequently tasked with creating the perfect haven for big and small dogs to run and play in. “Once the designs were completed, we chose the one that would work best for our Leisure World community,” explains Landscape Manager Ryan Stanfield. “Frontline Landscapes was hired to complete the physical labor, and we now have a dog park!” Beauty Meets Functionality The dog park was completed in November under the direction of new Community Manager Jason Doll. It is a beautiful oasis for Leisure World pets and their owners. The excellent design marries beauty and functionality. The fenced-in park has sturdy benches, allowing pet owners to chat while their furry friends roam the area. It also has waste dog stations for convenience. Coming soon is a beautiful fountain that will dispense water for owners to fill their water bottles and water dishes for their pets. “It was very much a collaborative effort between the Community Manager, the Governing Board, the Facilities Department and the Landscape Department,” reaffirms Facilities Manager Justin Bauch. “We are very pleased with the outcome,” says Justin. “The fence and landscaping look great!” “We have received very positive comments about how it all looks.” adds Ryan. “We are happy with how it all turned out.” Frequent users like longtime Leisure World resident GeorgeMiller who brings his dog daily couldn’t agree more! “This was a great idea!” says George. “It’s nice to have a place for the dogs to freely run and jump. As a dog owner, this is something that I really appreciate!” The new park is a wonderful addition to Leisure World. If you have not yet been, stop by with your furry friends. They will love it! Residents Marilyn Peters with Tinker Bell, Diane Klausen with her lab Sophie, Judy McCabe, and Mary Shafter with Chloe Bell, are lapping up the new dog park! Jan and Mike Zale with daughter Amanda and son-in-law Mel. continues on page A10 Leisure World employees and families support Turkey Trot.