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Cast Your District Vote Electronically! It’s election time at Leisure World! Residents from Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be voting for candidates to serve on their District Council. And we have made it easier than ever by teaming up with Vote-Now and giving residents the option to cast their vote by ballot, electronically or by phone. Founded in 2003, the Vote-Now team designed the proprietary voting software for easy use, anonymity and security. They offer full-service election options for community associations, nonprofits and various organizations around the globe, including HOAs in the Valley. How it Works Residents will love how fast and easy it is! Vote-Now sent residents a ballot in the mail on October 27, 2021. Votes can be cast online, via phone or still mailed back in. Ballots must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 16. Remember, only one vote per manor! If you choose to cast your vote electronically, it will take you less than a minute. Just follow these simple steps. 1. Voters will receive an email invitation to vote in their personal email account. The invitation includes a link to our secure site with the voter’s personal registration code embedded. Once a ballot has been cast using this code, it will not work again. 2. Voter clicks the link in the email invitation. The ballot automatically loads in the voter’s browser. No password typing needed. 3. Voter makes selections of candidates. A verification screen then shows the candidates chosen. The voter can return to the ballot to make changes if necessary. 4. Upon submission, the voter can submit comments about the election and select to receive confirmation of their e-ballot choices by email, text or print. Once the ballot is cast, their code will not work again. 5. During the election, Vote-Now will follow-up with reminder emails to those that have not yet voted. 6. Paper ballots can still be used for members that prefer not to vote electronically or do not use a computer. E-ballots, telephone and paper submissions are tallied electronically. Key Advantages Here are some of the advantages of voting electronically: • Ability to vote anywhere in the world. • Automatic ballot counting for instant, accurate, anonymous and secure results. • Variety of voting options make it easy for residents to cast their ballot via the internet, calling toll-free hotline or mailing a paper ballot. • Significant increase in member participation. • Independent, experienced and unbiased third party overseeing the vote • Certified results • Saves time and money (You don’t have to waste a stamp!) Take advantage of this fast, easy and secure way to vote! Regardless of how you choose to vote, the most important thing is that you do! Every vote counts! November 2021 www.lwca.com Thanksgiving Dinner Page B1 Fall Book Sale! Page A9 LW Foundation Lecture Series Page A8 L EISURE W ORLD N EWS The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. Doree Miles Celebrates 60th Birthday ‘Dory-Style’ On Friday, September 10, Leisure World residents helped Doree Miles celebrate her 60th birthday with a bang at DJ Bob’s dance party. A good time was had by all! This festive and lively event included several celebrations and an extra hour of DJ Bob spinning hits from the 70s and 80s. Approximately 125 people attended, and the dance floor was hopping! The evening was also full of fun surprises. Many of Doree’s old and new friends attended. Her mother, Janice, and her friend Kevin flew in from California for the special event. Participants were given sparkly flashing glow-in-the-dark party rings and treated to an elegant display of custom cupcakes. Doree also got to don a beautiful “diamond 60” tierra. Dory Finds Us But more was in store for Doree! Out of nowhere, a 4-foot-tall “Dory” balloon— the fish from the “Finding Nemo” movie — appeared and began swimming onto the dance floor! Doree’s best friends — Leisure World residents Linda Weinstock, Cathy Evangelesta and Terri Helgerson — masterminded this special surprise! The Dory balloon was the life of the party! She even floated to the top of the ceiling before being rescued by DJ Bob who was able to coax her down as guests cheered! Participants then continued to dance the night away and have a great time! Dory’s New Home The party may be over, but the fabulous memories will always remain! But what about the Dory balloon? Where is Dory now? Dory now resides with Andrew Owens, the 3-year- old of grandson of Leisure World resident, Teri Cuocci, who Doree met in the 9:00 a.m. swim group. Unfortunately, young Andrew has leukemia, but that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest! “Andrew loves coming to Leisure World to feed the ducks and fish,” says Teri. “He enjoys riding in our golf carts and likes to hit golf balls. He just loves our community!” The gift of “Dory” from Doree put a huge smile on Andrew’s face! He enjoys swimming and dancing with Dory all day long! “What a fabulous way to start a new decade!” shares Doree. “I have been looking forward to turning 60 in my new home. Thank you to my family and my Leisure World friends for making it the best party ever!” Residents Cathy Evangelesta and Linda Weinstock celebrate with Doree! Young Andrew enjoying his new toy!