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June 2021 www.lwca.com Toga Party Page B2 Adjust Your Money Mindset Page A14 Celebrate Father’s Day! Page A12 L eisure W orld N ews The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. When it comes to giving, Leisure World Pickleball Club member Kathryn Scheidler aced it when she turned an unexpected opportunity to help others into a day of volunteering with fellow picklers. “I received an email message that the Dexcom Center on Power Road in Mesa needed volunteers to assist with distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and wanted to participate,” explains Kathryn. “After inquiring, I was told that 80 volunteers were needed per shift. I decided to reach out to the Pickleball Club and was genuinely surprised by the response.” Dexcom Regional Distribution Center was one of the first state-run indoor COVID-19 vaccination sites to open. The center, which produces glucose monitoring products for people with diabetes, opened their doors for testing on April 5. The test site replaced the outdoor vaccination location at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. The 30,000 square-foot seven-lane-center offers 3,000 to 4,000 appointments, seven days per week. Picklers Rise to Occasion Pickleball Club members, who thrive on charitable events, were not going to dink this! COVID-19 had already thwartedmany of their regular annual fundraising efforts since the pandemic began and nothing was going to stop them now! On Tuesday, April 20, Kathryn and 25 members of the Pickleball Club carpooled to the Dexcom Center for an eight-hour volunteer shift from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to help community members receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The volunteers worked at various stations and greeted individuals, completed patient intake forms, documented the vaccines and observed individuals after receiving it. It was an exciting and fulfilling day for volunteers to help others protect against the virus. “It was a fun way to give back,” says fellow Pickleball club member Lynn Ruden. “I was happy to see so many young people coming to get vaccinated. It gives people hope to resume normal life again.” Fellow club members who were not able to attend, supported their fellow comrades in spirit. “Some of our Pickleball Club members could not be with us but were very supportive and sent inspirational and encouraging messages to us throughout the day,” says Kathryn. “It means so much when you receive encouragement from others when you are doing something so meaningful.” Ultimately, it was a day of hope for many who had been isolated and living in fear for so long. “Everyone was so grateful and super-positive,” concludes Kathryn. “We all had such a great time working with all the people coming for their vaccines. It was so special to help others during this unprecedented time with my fellow Pickleball Club members.” Looks like the Pickleball Club served up giving for the win! Way to go, picklers! OPA! Pickleball Club Aces Giving Ron Koch, Debra DeVault and Don Nicholes LeisureWorld is pleased to announce that the Employee of the First Quarter is Facilities Administrative Assistant Angie McVicker! Angie is a woman who knows how to get the job done. In fact, she spends her days jugging a wide variety of duties —everything from issuing permits, maintaining work orders, providing history reports for manors and answering phone calls and emails. And she does it all with a smile! “Angi is a team player who takes great pride in her department, tirelessly working to solve issues to benefit homeowners,” says Operations Manager Jason Doll. “She has a passion to do things right and is always identifying ways to improve service. No matter the problem or task, Angie will jump in and ensure it is done correctly.” Angie’s friendly face is the first one residents see when they enter the Facilities Department. Her dedication, attention to detail and positive vibe stem from her love for the community and a passion for helping others. “I am honored to receive this award!” says Angie excitedly. “I love working with my Facilities team, other departments and our residents! It is great knowing that every day I get to help members of this special community!” Excelling at Customer Service Born and raised in Phoenix, Angie graduated from high school in Mesa pursued an associate’s degree at the International Institute of America. In 2005, she entered the workforce and developed her customer service skills as a Customer Service Representative at the State of Arizona Food Stamp Division. These skills were further honed doing the same type of work at Jewish Children and Family Services from 2007 to 2009. Wanting to spread her wings, Angie landed a job as Office Manager at Ryco Plumbing from 2011 to 2014. She then assumed a role as Office Administrator at Info Track Investigations from 2015 to 2017. Finding Leisure World But greater things were calling Angie. After seeing a job posted on Indeed for Leisure World, she decided to go for it. In June 2017, Angie was hired as Front Desk Receptionist. Community Manager Bob Kimble quickly saw Angie’s talents and promoted her in March 2018 in in her current position in Facilities. And she has been loving it ever since. Employee of the First Quarter: Facilities Administrative Assistant Angie McVicker continues on page A4 Pickleball Club volunteers Kay Saunders, Ronda Gates, Phil Scheidler, Kelly Scheidler, Jan Simmons, Larry Miller, Lynn Ruden, Ron Ruden, Debbie Ellis, Kathryn Scheidler, Don Nicholes, Debra DeVault, Carol Horrmann and Arlene Ott. Pickleball Club volunteers eager to help at Dexcom Center. Operations Manager Jason Doll with Angie and Facilities Manager Justin Bauch