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April 2021 www.lwca.com Sole Sports Page B1 COVID-19 Travel Guidelines Page A14 Celebrate Easter Safely Page A7 L eisure W orld N ews The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. Leisure World residents were grateful for the opportunity to get COVID-19 vaccinations on-site at Rec. 2 on February 25 and March 25, thanks to clinics sponsored by Albertson’s and Safeway Pharmacies. “I was so thankful when I heard that the clinic was being offered on-site at Leisure World,” says resident Pat Hogue. “The whole process — from sign-up to getting my shots — was super-fast, convenient and easy!” A total of 510 residents were successfully vaccinated in February and 492 more in March. Residents received their second dose shots three weeks later at two follow- up clinics. The convenient clinics were organized with the help of Leisure World Lifestyle Director Rhonda Cap. Vaccines were also made available to extended family members of residents. “It is important that Leisure World does everything it can to help protect the health and well-being of our residents,” explains Rhonda. “Providing on-site clinics and other health screenings are things we can do for them in their wellness journey. Bringing this to our residents also removes obstacles like long distances to clinics, transportation issues, concerns with being out in public, difficulties getting an appointment and more.” Elated Residents Since the start of 2021, many residents struggled to get appointments at other venues and were relieved when Albertsons and Safeway provided these clinics. “At 92 years of age, it was not easy trying to get a shot,” explains resident Norma Kjeldgaard. “I was so grateful to hear that it was being made available to us right here at home — it helps us all out so much!” Resident Nina Intravartolo agrees. “I am a high-risk patient because of my diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol,” says Nina, who got her vaccine in February. “It is hard for me to get out to state-run sites because I use a walker or a cane, so I was so glad that the vaccine was provided for us here.” Leisure World provided the necessary information and consent form for residents to reserve their appointments online. “Leisure World did a tremendous job organizing the event, which went so smoothly,” adds Nina. “There was no long line or wait time. They even provided us with a nice cup of coffee! It was such a relief after trying for weeks to get an appointment elsewhere!” Other residents were grateful for staff support and not having to commute for the shot. “Navigating the internet and finding my way to drive to the sites in traffic over long distances was an astronomical obstacle for me, “says resident Dorothy Pray. “I was so relieved when the vaccine was offered at Leisure World — where we have such helpful staff members to help us out. My heart is extremely grateful! If it were not for this clinic, it would have been impossible for me to get a shot! It was a wonderful blessing.” Employees Also Benefit Residents were not the only ones who benefitted from the clinics — employees were also excited for the opportunity to get vaccinated on-site. “How lucky am I to be able to get my COVID-19 vaccination atmyplace of employment in the comfortable presence of people I work with and the family of Leisure World residents,” says Golf and Landscape Director Travis Fish. “I didn’t have to miss have to miss work or make a trip across town that would take up the entire day! Thank you, Leisure World!” Employees with sick family members were even more grateful. “I was so elated to learn that I could also get a shot at Leisure World because my parents, who are also residents, have high-risk health conditions and I am their connection to the outside world,” shares Leisure World News Journalist Stephanie Singer-Koebel. “I feel safer knowing that all of us are protected.” For close-knit families like Stephanie’s, this was very important. Residents Grateful for On-Site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Resident Norma Kjeldgaard grateful to receive vaccine. By John Stickling What seems like a simple act when we are young becomes quite a big job when you are older. That citrus tree in the backyard is wonderful to look at, but when spring rolls around, it is a challenge to pick up all that fruit! The tree that used to be five feet tall is now closer to 12 and is full of thorns and fruit buried deep among all its branches. Many Leisure World residents do not own a ladder, much less can climb one. But have no fear! Leisure World Champions were there to save the day! On March 9, this volunteer employee group went to 20 manors in Leisure World and picked fruit off approximately 35 trees. Since 2016, employees volunteer to pick oranges, grapefruits and lemons from blossoming trees for manor owners who are unable to due to physical constraints. And this was our best year yet! The big load of grapefruit, oranges and lemons picked were brought to the Rec. 1 parking lot and shared with the rest of the community. We also donated over 100 pounds of grapefruit to the Superstition Community Food Bank! The mission of The Champions is to provide residents with excellent customer service and to cultivate a strong relationship with them. We achieve this goal through a variety of community projects. Without a doubt, The Champions Fruit Picking Project is a fan favorite. It is also a great joy for employees. During this fun-filled event, a lot of laughter was had, along with an occasional ouch when an unforgiving tree pricked someone’s arm. But most importantly, what was exemplified was customer service and teamwork — what Leisure World is all about! The fruit of our labor is to serve residents! We are always happy to help! -John Stickling is former Champions leader and Recreation Supervisor at Leisure World. Champions Give Back with Fruit Picking Landscape Office Manager Madeline Soto, Web Designer Brooke Parrish and IT Manager Lisa Yttri help out. Wednesday Coffee members Pat Billingsley, John Miller and Verna Mullen help provide coffee to residents. continues on page A7