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The speed limit on Leisure World streets is 25 mph. No passing. March 2021 www.lwca.com Movie on the Green Page B1 Allen Family Medicine Questions Page A16 Maximize Cash Investments Page A12 On January 28, Leisure World resident Delford Benson celebrated his 100th birthday with a little help from technology and some good local friends! A native of Iowa, Delford has lived in Leisure world for 24 years, but most of his family lives throughout the country and COVID-19 prevented them from celebrating in person. Thankfully, some Leisure World friends, including his girlfriend of 12 years, resident Marilyn Givens, and her son, resident Kevin Givens and wife Sheila, all coordinated with his family back in Iowa to make his day a little brighter! “The party was planned mostly by his granddaughters back home and we just did the legwork to pick up a cake, balloons and some decorations,” explains Kevin. “Turning 100 is an amazing milestone and Delford is such a generous and caring guy — we wanted to help make his day very special.” In addition to helping coordinate an hour-long Zoom call with 30 of Delford’s family members, Kevin and Sheila also shared the news of Delford’s big day online, asking Leisure World residents to drive by his home to share birthday greetings! “We were so surprised! We usually take a cruise with the whole family for my birthday, but we had not planned on celebrating much this year,” says Delford. “It was so much fun waving to the cars that drove by and honked, and then talking and laughing with family. Seeing all the faces of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren was the highlight of the day!” An Exciting Second Act Throughout his life, Delford has seen much of the world. He has travelled as far as Antarctica, explored most of Europe, and taken over 35 cruises, many of them with Marilyn. The couple took their last cruise for Delford’s 98th birthday. When they are not travelling, the couple also enjoy playing bridge — the game that brought them together. Marilyn, a native of Nebraska, moved to Leisure World 28 years ago with her spouse. Delford and Marilyn both enjoyed playing bridge on Sunday nights with the Leisure World bridge group for many years, along with their spouses. When both spouses passed away in the same week, Delford and Marilyn became bridge partners, and eventually, life partners. “We both feel so fortunate to have had over a decade of happy and healthy years together,” explains Marilyn. “Delford is a wonderful partner because he is patient, wise and has a fabulous sense of humor. We still laugh together every day! It is the secret to a great relationship!” The Secret to Longevity Delford attributes his longevity to good genes, a healthy diet and working hard — all while enjoying life and making a difference! “I feel really lucky to have led the life I have. I started out on a small farm and ended up seeing the world,” says Delford gratefully. “I was married to a member of Swedish nobility for 65 years and I got to see some amazing places.” Delford has three wonderful children, 10 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. “I am truly blessed by my family and the variety of fun professions I worked in — everything from farming 1,000 acres, owning a mobile home park and even working at a jewelry store,” adds Delford. “No matter what I did, I tried to make a positive difference in people’s lives.” And Delford certainly did — both in and out of Leisure World! “Delford is well-known and loved in Leisure World,” says Kevin. “We admire how generous he is. He has been so giving to Leisure World, contributing financially to both the Fitness Center and Rec. 2., where you will find his name on plaques on the walls. He is also always happy to help out his family in times of need. Family means everything to him.” Despite his age, Delford has not slowed down. He still loves playing bridge, watching cowboy movies, cooking dinner and baking, chatting with his family, and walking at the mall. No matter what he is doing, you will find him smiling and joking. “The best part of life is spending time with family and friends and finding enjoyment in work and play,” concludes Delford. “There is always something fun to do. I have been lucky to have so many wonderful experiences and people in my life.” Leisure World is lucky to have residents like Delford! Happy Belated Birthday, Delford! Keep spreading your joy and laughter! Delford Benson Virtually Celebrates 100 Years! Delford enjoying his special birthday cake! L eisure W orld N ews RE/MAX Classic is proud to announce that agent Barbara “Babs” Shadoan received the Lifetime Achievement Award on January 6. Given by RE/MAX International, the award acknowledges outstanding professional achievements. Recipients of this high honor must have at least seven years of service and earned $7 million gross in commission. “Not everyone succeeds in real estate long enough to achieve this outstanding award,” explains Leisure World Designated Broker Mike Ryan. “Babs is highly experienced and knowledgeable about real estate and the Leisure World community. She has a consistent business model and is very respected by her clients and fellow realtors.” With over 40 years of experience, a true passion for real estate drives Babs. “It is truly an honor to receive this award,” says Babs proudly. “I have loved looking at homes since I was a child. I especially love being around people and watching their faces when they find the home of their dreams and knowing I helped make it a reality.” A Pennsylvania native, Babs began her real estate career in 1978 at Century 21 Award Properties in San Diego, her husband’s hometown. After just one year, she was named “Rookie of the Year.” This would be one of many of her achievements in the business. During her stellar career, Babs worked as a manager in the real estate division at the San Diego Union Tribune and the Arizona Republic after relocating to the Valley of the Sun. She provided Multiple Listing Service data for the newspaper and online, one of the first in the United States to do so. Babs later joined RE/MAX Classic but left for a brief stint as broker for RE/MAX 2000, where she managed over 150 agents. Shortly thereafter, former RE/MAX Classic agent Judy Meltzer, invited Babs to return. And since she loves seniors, she could not resist coming back. “My specialty is adult community living,” says Babs. “I like dealing with seniors and I enjoy the people I meet and help — many who have become friends.” Babs’ zeal and hard work negotiating on her clients’ behalf did not go unnoticed. In 2014, she won the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award, reserved only for agents who earned over $1 million in commissions during their career with the company. Besides real estate, Babs is passionate about her family — Jan Shadoan, her husband of 50 years, and their two sons and two granddaughters. Leisure World residents for more than 20 years, she and Jan enjoy dancing, hiking and walking their two Westie dogs. “The friendly people in Leisure World are the best!” adds Babs. “It is nice to see your clients become friends. They will stop in to say hi, share a cup of coffee and tell me what is going on in their lives.” Congratulations, Babs on an extraordinary career! You can rely on Babs for expert advice on all your real estate needs. Contact her at 480-225-4308 or babssellsrealestate@gmail.com . Babs Shadoan Receives RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award! Babs receiving her Lifetime Acheive- ment Award from Mike. Ryan.