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L eisure W orld N ews Don’t forget! The speed limit on all streets in Leisure World is 25 mph. The Official News Publication of Leisure World Arizona November 2020 www.lwca.com Turkey Trot Twist Page B1 Practicing Gratitude Page A21 Maximize Retirement Income Page A9 It all started with an argument. In 1958 while attending the University of Dubuque in Iowa, Jim was in charge of orientation week and Shirley wouldn’t wear the required freshman beanie. An argument ensued. “I thought he was arrogant and bossy when we first met,” recalls Shirley, a Minnesota native. “We both didn’t like each other at all.” But the stage was set and destiny unfolded. Shirley and Jim were both members of the university’s concert choir and would often travel to performances together. As Jim got to know Shirley, he realized he had a lot in common with her and asked her out to a Thanksgiving dance. Sparks flew. “She’s outgoing and we had a lot in common with choir and were both English majors,” reminisces Jim, an Illinois native. “Surprisingly, we agreed on almost everything.” “Thankfully, we changed our minds about each other,” adds Shirley laughing. “He’s a good dancer and a great conversationalist.” After dating for two years, the couple got married on June 26, 1960 at the famous Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa. Traveling Educators Jim and Shirley both loved education and completed their master’s degrees from the University of Illinois in 1967. Shirley’s degree was in English and Jim’s in Education. Jim then obtained his Ph.D. in Education Administration in 1970 from his alma mater. For the next 30 years, the couple moved to Illinois, Washington, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Jim worked as president at several colleges. During that time, Shirley taught high school and college English. She also wrote college textbooks for and training workbooks for corporations. Throughout their busy careers, they were able to create a beautiful family. They have three sons and two grandchildren. Leisure Years After Jim and Shirley retired in 2000, they decided to spend their summers at Shirley’s family farm in Minnesota and winters either in Florida, Texas or Arizona. But Arizona’s beauty and dry heat won the day, prompting them to make it their permanent winter home. After seeing an ad for Leisure World Arizona in a local newspaper, they decided to explore the community. In 2009, Jim and Shirley became official homeowners and continued to spend summers in Minnesota. But in 2018, they decided to become Leisure World residents year-round. Jim enjoys golfing while Shirley spends time with the PEO and AAUW groups at Leisure World. “We love everything we can do here and the security,” says Jim. “We often take walks around the community at 10:00 p.m. at night. Where else can you do that?” This past June, Jim and Shirley celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary — neither ever did recall whether or not Shirley ever wore her beanie. So, what’s their secret? “We appreciate each other and we’re still very much in love,” shares Shirley. “We’re each other’s best friends,” adds Jim gushing. Happy Anniversary, Jim and Shirley! Jim and Shirley Davis Celebrate Diamond Anniversary Shirley and Jimon their wedding day in 1960. Due to an overwhelming sign-up response for the Town Hall Zoom Meeting on November 9, the Long- Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will now provide three sessions to accommodate the 1,000-plus residents already set to participate. The three separate sessions will all be on November 9 and cover the same material. The three Zoom sessions will be from the following: • 9:00-11:00 a.m. (MT) • 3:00-5:00 p.m. (MT), and • 6:00-8:00 p.m. (MT) With multiple times to choose from, the LRPC hopes individuals who are still residing in different time zones will be able to participate. Each session can accommodate 250 participants. Zoom links will be provided after signing up. The Town Hall will discuss input from the survey residents received in September. The survey garnered an incredible response — nearly 1,300 residents provided feedback! This included over 40 pages of comments. The Town Hall will also examine the Leisure World Governing Board resolution passed on September 23, which asked the LRPC to explore options for maximizing the use of Recreation Centers 1, 2 and 3. The LRPC greatly appreciates the time and effort residents took to provide their feedback and share their voice. We look forward to a fruitful dialogue on November 9! Stay tuned for Zoom details via a Leisure World eblast. For more information or comments, please email lrpc@lwca.com . Long-Range Planning Committee Now Hosting 3 Town Hall Sessions! Shirley and Jimat LeisureWorld.