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Unfortunately, Maricopa County has notified Leisure World Community Association that there will not be a U.S. election voting center in our community this year. We are disappointed by the county’s decision, which was completely out of our control. The closest voting facility residents can go to is located at: Superstition Springs Center 6555 E. Southern Avenue, Suite G02 Mesa, AZ 85206 Residents can also request a mail-in-ballot from Maricopa County. Thank you for your understanding! Leisure World Community Association L eisure W orld N ews Don’t forget! The speed limit on all streets in Leisure World is 25 mph. The Official News Publication of Leisure World Arizona October 2020 www.lwca.com Crab Fest is Back! Page B1 Planting Recommendations Page A12 U.S. Election and Investments Page A14 By John Latus It was quite a journey from Istanbul, Turkey to America! Current Leisure World resident Jan Ozrek emigrated from Turkey with her family when she was 9-years-old. She graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Patterson, New Jersey in 1973. At 18, Jan and her sister, Zeynur, decided to enter the U.S. Army under a program called “The Buddy System.” Under the terms of the two-year program, both sisters would always be sent together to the same bases. Jan intended to make the Army her career. Jan chose to go to paratrooper school because it seemed like a more demanding program. So, on April Fools’ Day, April 1, 1974, both sisters entered the U.S. Army and were sent to basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. They then went on to paratrooper school at Fort Benning, Georgia, for a three-week program. Flying High Week one involved intensive physical training. When not in a specific training exercise, members were required to wear a maroon cap and always be running. If they were observed at any time not running, they faced severe penalties. Week two involved jumping from a tower in full gear, plus learning how to handle different chute situations in the air. Week three involved five actual jumps from an airplane, including a night jump. On the last night jump, a German paratrooper who was going through the U.S. program, hit the ground and gave Jan his German paratrooper wings in admiration for what she had gone through. It was a nice gesture, but not necessary since she did the program and earned her own wings. Jan is probably the only paratrooper with both U.S. and German paratrooper wings! From there, both sisters were sent to Fort Lee, Virginia, for a three-month advanced rigger program. They learned how to pack their own chute and jump from a variety of planes, including a helicopter and the tailgate of a C-130. They also went through extensive target shooting practice with the M-16 on the rifle range. Both sisters made it through the program. They were only the 24 th and 25 th females to make it through the program. Their names are on a plaque in the base commander’s office. Dangerous Entanglements This was a tense period of the Cold War when Russia controlled half of Berlin and all of East Germany, and the U.S. and her allies controlled West Germany. Both sides were vying for the soul of the German nation. In 1974, Jan and her sister were sent to a permanent base in Kaiserslautern, Germany, near Nuremberg with the 555 th quartermasters’ company as a deterrent against possible Russian aggression. During this time, as a show of force, the United States engaged in war games with the paratroop company by dropping paratroopers in the region. Just before Jan’s group was going to jump, another jumper had chute trouble. Before he could fix his Jan Ozrek: A Prestigious Paratrooper Lands in Leisure World Jan at LeisureWorld in August. Jan gets ready for a jump in Nurcan, Germany in 1975. Continues on page A4 COMPLIANCE CORNER Although it may not feel like it here in Arizona, but it’s fall! Thankfully, the weather is getting cooler. But Leisure World residents need to be aware of some of the most frequent violations during the fall. They are: weeds, palm trees and items left out. 1. Weeds: Last fall, approximately 30% of Leisure World violations were for weeds in the desert landscape districts. This is a huge improvement from fall 2018, which was double at 60%. After spraying the weeds, please pull them out to keep your yard nice and neat. Don’t forget to look out for weeds growing on the sides of your homes and next to cacti. 2. Palm Tree Trimming: All palm trees must be trimmed of dead palm fronds, dates and other dead debris prior to August 31. It is best to schedule your palm tree trimming for early summer. Our Leisure World Landscape Department can trim your palm trees when you can sign up for this service. The Communications Department will inform residents when this service is available. 3. Items Left Out: This entails ladders, stacked brick and roof tiles, landscape material, fold-up chairs or anything else left on the side of your home or within street view. Please remember to hide these items from street view or in direct view of your neighbors when not in use. Top 3 Permit Requests 1. General repair/exterior maintenance 2. Painting 3. Roof repair/replacement Please be aware that all exterior modifications or changes must be approved prior to any work being done on your manor. Please fill out the online Permit Application through your resident portal on www.lwca. com to get started. Thank you for your cooperation! For questions, please contact the Facilities Department at facilities@lwca.com or your ACC Representative. Top 3 Fall Compliance Violations 2020 U.S. Election Voting Center Notice