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L eisure W orld N ews Don’t forget! The speed limit on all streets in Leisure World is 25 mph. The Official News Publication of Leisure World Arizona September 2020 www.lwca.com Apple Pie and Jazz Page B1 Jacob’s Well Project Page A12 Bag and Boob Babes Page A8 This sequence of events shall be furnished to all nominating committees and shall also be published in the Leisure World Community Association’s newspaper for the months of September, October and November. The following format, to be used for 2020, shall be updated and used in subsequent years. a. On or before Wednesday, September 9, 2020: Appointment of three (3)-member Nominating Committee by each District Council. b. On or before Thursday, October 1: Nominating Committees report to District Chairman, followed by immediate report by Chairman to the residents. c . On or before, no later than Thursday, October 15 : Valid petitions for candidacy must be in the hands of District Chairman. d. Friday, October 16: “White Ballot”: Should there be but one candidate for each position on the council, those candidates shall be declared by the District Council as elected to the respective office by “White Ballot.” Therefore, since there are no write-in candidates allowed, no ballots will be provided to the residents of that district. All Districts submit final candidate list to management for preparation of ballots, by three (3:00) p.m. (MST). f. No later than Thursday, October 28 : Ballots will be emailed to all residents with email address and mailed to residents with no email. g. Monday, October 19 to Friday, October 30: If there are multiple candidates for District Council office, the District Chairman will schedule a meeting to introduce the candidates. Each candidate will be allowed to speak on their qualifications and goals for the office they seek and respond to any questions for those in attendance. The District Chairman will appoint a District resident who is not a candidate for office as the meeting facilitator and will ensure the timely notice of the time and place of the meeting is provided to all District residents. The notice for this meeting will be eblasted to the residents in the voting districts and placed in the District official message tubes/mailboxes to residents without email address’ at least four (4) days prior to the meeting in all Districts having elections. h. Tuesday, November 17 - Election Day : The acceptance of ballots will terminate at five (5:00) p.m. (MST). I. Wednesday, November 18: Counting of the ballots shall commence at eight (8:00) a.m. (MST) and continue until completion of all applicable districts. Elections are in District 4, 6 and 8 this year. Electoral Process Timetable 2020 Do you want to get involved in Leisure World and make a difference! One great way to do so is by serving your District Council. The elections for District 4, 6 and 8 will be held on November 17. Now, is the time to get your name on the ballot! Here is a breakdown of the process. 1. Select a Position: There are three District Council positions. There is the District Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. One person can maintain the duties of these two positions, or they can be divided among two individuals. However, they may be split if separate nominations are received for these two positions. Council members will be elected for a two-year term: 2021-2022. 2. Expression of Interest Form: The first step is to submit an Expression of Interest Form where you will provide a brief history of your qualifications. It can be found on the Leisure World resident website at https://bit.ly/LWExpressionInterest. Note: login required. Once the form is completed, send it to your District Chairman or member of the nominating committee. 3. Résumé: Fill out a brief résumé. You can find the résumé form on the resident website at https:// bit.ly/CandidateResume. If you are considered an eligible candidate, this information will be published in the Leisure World newspaper for residents to get to know you better. 4. Nominating Committee: Each District Council must appoint a three-member nominating committee by Wednesday, September 9. This committee will review all interest submissions and submit a report of eligible candidates to the Council by Thursday, October 1. Once the Council approves the candidates, District residents will be notified. Good luck! For questions, contact the following in your respective district: District 4: Jeff Bayer at 650-533-4949 or jbayer4949@aol.com District 6: Barry Jacobsen at 406 581-1277 or barryjj63@q.com. District 8: Doug Bailey at 505-412-9416 or baileyddb@cox.net. Make a Difference: Serve on Governing Board Long-Range Planning Survey Coming The Leisure World Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will be sending a 25-question community survey to all residents who are signed up for our electronic eblasts. The survey will help guide the LRPC as they get ready for the November 9 Town Hall Meeting from 6:00-8:00 p.m. via Zoom. The survey will be sent from the Communications Department on Thursday, September 3. Residents will have until Tuesday, September 15 to respond. The LRPC will send reminders through the month of September and October to register for the upcoming Town Hall The LRPC looks forward to the input gathered via the survey and the Town Hall. Resident participation is an essential part of making our community the best it can be. For questions or suggestion, email the LRPC at LRPC@lwca.com . L-R: District 4 Chair/Vice Chair Joe Miola, District 3 Chair Barbara Peters, District 7 Chair Dan Callahan, Former Board President/District 1 Chair Mary Lou Andresen, District 8 Chair/Treasurer Bill Menard, District 5 Chair Susan Cardin-Hoffdahl and current Board President/District 6 Chair Carl Johannesen. Absent: Current District 1 Chair Michael VanDernoot