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Don’t forget! The speed limit on all streets in Leisure World is 25 mph. L EISURE W ORLD N EWS The Official News Publication of Leisure World Arizona March 2020 www.lwca.com Movie on the Green Page B1 Changing Retirement Expenses Page A16 Reverse Mortgages Explained Page A20 The Royals of Leisure World: Lady Carolin Lowy and Lord Ray Robertson Hear ye! Hear ye! Leisure World has royalty in its midst. Introducing residents Lady Carolin Lowy and Lord Ray Robertson, who recently earned their royal titles after receiving a trust in their names! After spending timewithCarolin andRaywhile visiting from England, Carolin’s nephew, David Harris, was greatly impressed by their philanthropic endeavors—so much so that he wanted to thank the couple for their service to the Leisure World community. Instead of giving the couple a traditional gift, David and his family decided to do something special: He purchased two pieces of land for Carolin and Ray in Glencoe Wood, a nature reserve in Scotland and part of the Highland Titles community. As landowners in Highland Titles, Ray and Carolin are now recognized as Lord and Lady. “We are so proud of Carolin and Ray’s commitments to helping so many people of di erent ages,” says David. “ ey are a source of encouragement and lighten up the lives of all those they come into contact with. I wanted to recognize these fantastic achievements as a family.” Carolin is very well-known around Leisure World and greatly loved. She volunteers with the Leisure World Library, Lions Club, organizes donation projects with clubs like the Friday Morning Knitters and Crocheters, and is always lending a helping hand whenever she can. When the Leisure World Library Volunteer Chair position became vacant two years ago, Carolin stepped up to the plate. “She trains the volunteers and even arranges our schedules,” says Leisure World Library President Diane Tyndal appreciatively. “It’s a lot of work, but she just takes charge. She’s a really great person to have on your team. I don’t know what I would have do without her.” But Carolin’s can-do attitude is equally matched by her big heart. “Carolin is very generous and giving,” says resident and Bag & Boob Babes volunteer Carol Collins. “Every year for the Bag & Boob Babes fundraiser, she graciously donates tickets as ra e prizes fo an English country dinner and afternoon tea events that she hosts. Her initiative is really remarkable!” In 2012, Carolin was recognized for her community service and nominated for an award presented by the Mesa chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a non- pro t organization that promotes historic preservation, education and patriotism. She earned rst place in Mesa and second statewide for her community endeavors. “Community service is in my genes,” says Carolin humbly. “I get pleasure from it. You never know when there is a need. ose of us who can, should. You can’t change the world, but you can have a ripple e ect in your community.” A Royal Tradition e elite titles of Lord and Lady are steeped in English heritage and typically indicate a noble birthright or marriage. However, individuals who purchase certain plots of land may use the courtesy titles of Lord and Lady. Today, over 200,000 people have become honorary Lords and Ladies of Glencoe. “It was a big surprise. I had no idea he was going to do this,” says Carolin. “All of a sudden, a big package came with a sale certi cate and a booklet with more information.” With a chuckle, Carolin downplays the new titles as akin to identifying a couple as “Mr. and Mrs.,” even though the duo of nine years are not o cially married. But the designation also serves another purpose. “It’s a way of protecting the land,” explains Carolin. “When people purchase these trusts, the trees can’t be knocked down for commercial use.” David’s gift was also an opportunity for Ray to celebrate his Scottish heritage. “I’ve become sort of an amateur historian while looking Continues on page A3 e Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will hold its rst Leisure World Community Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, March 25 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Rec. 2 Hopi/Pima Ballroom. ere will be a short presentation of projects the committee has been working on and a discussion of the highlights of last year’s survey. e idea for the town hall emerged directly as a follow-up to the Leisure World survey conducted last year. Many residents inquired about how the Leisure World Community Association plans for the future and how these plans become a reality. Most importantly, the purpose of the town hall will be to give residents an opportunity to become aware of projects being discussed by the LRPC. It will also help shape the thinking of future projects, including the following: 1. 5-10-year vision and plan 2. Water conservation at Leisure World 3. Developing amenities that will attract future generations to Leisure World 4. How to best retain homeowners’ values For more information, contact the LRPC at LRPC@lwca.com . Date: Wed., March 25 Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m. Place: Rec. 2 Hopi/Pima Room Long-Range Planning Town Hall: The Future of Leisure World Lady Carolin and Lord Ray bask in their new regal titles. The LRPC Committee is excited toget your feedback at the event! Carolin and Ray are officially Lord and Lady!