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Don’t forget! The speed limit on all streets in Leisure World is 25 mph. L EISURE W ORLD N EWS The Official News Publication of Leisure World Arizona February 2020 www.lwca.com Expo and Home Show Page B1 Long-Range Planning Town Hall Page A5 Retirement IRA Changes Page A16 Crown Jewel of Leisure World: Our Library By Charlene Ingerson From its inception, the Leisure World Library has been entirely a resident endeavor and sta ed by an immensely dedicated volunteer force (some of whom have contributed their time and talent for decades). It is independently funded by resident contributions and book sales. It receives no portion of the homeowners’ fees. So, just how did this wonderful facility come to be? No one can verify exactly when, but sometime in 1974, Leisure World residents Elsie Lieberman and Frances Kay – both former librarians – had an idea that it would be great to have a small library. ey were given permission from the association and made a plea to fellow residents: “Please donate books.” e response was heartwarming with numerous books pouring in. e two women stacked the donated books on a portable shelf which was then rolled into Classroom 1 during speci c hours. e library was founded as a book sharing among residents, but quickly grew beyond that. Soon, there were too many books to roll around on portable shelves. e ladies were given a small corner of the Administration Building to establish a lending library. Hence, the beginning of the nest recreational reading library in all of Arizona’s retirement communities! Woodworkers to the Rescue With a permanent space, shelves were needed, and the early librarians turned to our resident woodworkers. Sixteen came forward to help them and worked from September 1976 to March 1977 to build new library shelving. It took over 1,500 hours to produce 14 of the shelving units still in use today. It was not the library that you see now, but it was a gargantuan undertaking. Even the Leisure World Governing Board of Directors recognized the e ort by passing a resolution thanking the 16 woodworkers. A plaque naming each is still on display in the library. From then on, every time the library needed additional shelves, the men of the woodworking shop rose to the challenge. More shelving units were added in 1981, 1983, 1987, 2005 and 2013 to house our ever- expanding collection. We are indebted to all of them. It should be noted that everything in the library, including the furniture, has either been supplied by volunteers or purchased through the generous donations of residents. Hollywood Beginnings Our library formally opened on April 28, 1977. Buster Crabbe, Hollywood star and author, was the special guest at Leisure World’s new, spacious permanent library. Starting with a reside chat about his life in lms and television. Crabbe later signed copies of his book, “Energistics , ” then cut the ribbon at “City Hall” (as the Administration Building was previously called). e festivities ended with a champagne reception where our 16 woodworking angels were toasted by all. Publicity for the above event appeared in the rst Leisure World newspaper, then known as the Golden Hills News in 1977. e early library was not only a repository for donated books, but its volunteers also began hosting monthly book reviews during the winter season. e book reviews were open to all residents and popular for several years. ey were led by local authors, professors or Valley librarians, then followed by a social hour. is activity was part of Leisure World’s calendar until 1988. More Books = New System As the book collection grew, it became clear to the early library founders that it needed to be organized and run more formally to prevent the it from becoming a jumble of volumes. From the start, there was a system of cataloguing so that patrons could nd the type of books they were looking for. is was re ned slowly over time, culminating in the addition of the Dewey Decimal System for non ction books in 1983. But this change was far from simple. A new card catalog was needed, and thousands of cards needed to be typed and re led. New spine labels and book pockets needed Joe Rowbotham Receives President’s Award Continues on page A9 We are grateful to our beloved Leisure World Library volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to making the library so special! See page A9 for complete list of volunteers. On January 15, LeisureWorld resident Joe Rowbotham was honored with the President’s Award at the Annual Leisure World Community Association Meeting. e award recognizes Joe’s outstanding contribution to Leisure World and the community. “Since moving to Leisure World, Joe has dedicated a great deal of time and energy in making a di erence in our community,” says Community Manager Bob Kimble. “He has spearheaded numerous positive changes that have positively impacted the lives of residents. His spirit and heart in making Leisure World a great community are deeply appreciated.” Joe served on the Leisure World Board of Directors from 2004-2010, during which he spent two years as Treasurer/Secretary, one year as Vice President and three years as President. He was also Vice Chair of District 6, member of the Architectural Control Committee and Tournament Chairman of the Coyote Run Men’s Club. “I have a habit of getting involved,” says Joe with a smile. “I like to know what’s going on. And if I see a need, I like to help where I can.” Self-e acing, Joe downplays just how much. Over a decade ago, he was pivotal in forming the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) and served as Vice Chair. e goal of the CIC, which has now become the Long-Range Planning Committee, was to preserve and continue to enhance Leisure World for future generations. “ ere were a group of us that saw a need to improve the community like the Fitness Center and other areas that needed renovation,” says Joe. “So, we formed a committee to take action.” With the committee and the help of the Governing Board, Joe led multiple improvement projects, including a new Fitness Center, a new Rec. 3 building, extensive remodeling Bob andBoardPresidentMary LouAndresenpresent Joewith award. Continues on page A11 Author Buster Crabbe and Former Community Manager Jim Graham Library Board of Directors: Front: Mary Rubin, Carolin Lowy, President Diane Tyndal, Nancy Rusten. Back: Joanne Walen, Donna Roumagoux, Sandy Williamson, LeeAnn Pettit, Sharon Codd, Charlene Ingerson and Lee Weber