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Program Center is located on lower William
Beaumont Army Medical Center near the
corner of Dyer and Hayes streets, Bldg. 7061.
This modern, up-to-date center includes
rooms for meetings of all kinds – support
groups, celebrations, dinners and educa-
tional activities. The conference room is
expandable to hold small to large numbers
(up to 200). There is complete food service
at economical prices with banquet catering
capabilities. Pets can also be accommodated
at this facility.
In addition, there are rooms with elec-
tronic games, pool, darts, exercise equip-
ment, and outdoors, two beach volleyball
courts and a lighted basketball court.
An ASYMCA Child Development Cen-
ter is also located in the center with slots for
hourly, daily, weekly, extended hours, week-
ends and over nights. For information, call
562-8461 ext. 310.
Army Substance Abuse Program
The Non-Clinical Army Substance Abuse
Program (ASAP) provides drug and alco-
hol educational services, prevention train-
ing, risk reduction, suicide prevention and
urinalysis testing and collection point for
active duty and Department of the Army
civilian personnel. The Non-Clinical ASAP
also has an Employee Assistance Program
(EAP) coordinator who assists DA civilians
with possible issues regarding employment,
substance abuse, stress or anger manage-
ment and family problems. The ASAP EAP
can also assist families by referring them to
the appropriate service agencies. The Non-
Clinical ASAP is located in the following
buildings on East Bliss: Risk Reduction
Bldg A-415, Drug Testing Bldg A-413 and
A416, EAP, A433 and PC Bldg A-418 and
the Headquarters is in Bldg. A-414 or call
The Clinical ASAP provides counselors
for each brigade and partner unit on the in-
stallation and assists Soldiers by providing
screening, counseling and rehabilitation ser-
vices for active duty personnel. The Clini-
cal ASAP main building is located in Bldg.
A-417 or call 744-1327.
Retirees can be screened at the Veterans Af-
fairs Substance Abuse Treatment Program,
located in the VA Health Care Center next
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
The Civilian Personnel Advisory Cen-
ter provides advice and assistance on the
Army’s civilian personnel program for Fort
Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical
Center. The CPAC is located in Bldg. 504-
B, at the corner of Doniphan and Holbrook.
Persons eligible for military spouse prefer-
ence should call 568-1263 to schedule an ap-
pointment to register.
Job announcements, job eligibility in-
formation and job application procedures
for appropriated fund positions are posted
on Civilian Personnel On-Line at
General federal employment related
information, including job opportunities
worldwide is on the internet at Specific Department of the Army
opportunities and employment related in-
formation is found on the CPOL website at
. For general
questions, call 568-1263.
Claims Office
The Fort Bliss Area
Claims Office provides support to potential
claimants from Fort Bliss and the surround-
ing area. This support includes notifying
claimants of procedures involved in filing
claims for damage to household goods and
privately owned vehicles shipped at govern-
ment expense; filing claims that have arisen
due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances,
such as natural disasters, acts of God, van-
dalism and thefts on the military installa-
tion; and reviewing and approving claims
for damage to property and personal injury,
which are a result of negligently performed
military activities. The office also recovers
funds from the carrier industry for damage
to household goods.
The Claims Office is located in Bldg.
113 Pershing Rd. (parking off Slater Rd.).
For more information and hours of opera-
tion call 568-4369.
Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
administers and processes complaints of
discrimination for civilians based on race,
color, national origin, sex, religion, age,
disability and Genetic Information Non-
discrimination Act 2008. The Special Em-
phasis Programs, which are an integral part
of the overall EEO Program, promote the
employment, training and advancement of
minorities and women.
The EEO Office is located in Bldg. 114
Pershing Rd. on West Fort Bliss. For more
information, call 568-3510.
Legal Assistance Office
The Legal
Assistance Office advises and assists active
duty service members and retirees from all
service branches, their dependents, and re-
servists on active duty for more than 29 days
continuously, with personal, civil and legal
matters. Services include: advising and as-
sisting with domestic relations, non support,
consumer protection, landlord tenant issues,
taxes, estate planning, and appeals of OERs,
NCOERs and financial liability investiga-
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BOSS Soldiers volunteer at El Paso shelter
Audie Murphy Club members
American Red Cross volunteer
BOSS volunteers at El Paso Marathon
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