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2015 Post Telephone Directory and Guide
Park College
Park College offers asso-
ciate and baccalaureate degrees. Park is lo-
cated in Bldg. 639 Merritt Rd. on West Fort
Bliss. For more information, call 744-1803.
Webster University
Webster University
offers Master of Arts degrees and MBA.
Webster is located in Bldg. 632 Merritt Rd.
on West Fort Bliss. For more information,
call 744-5068.
University of Texas at El Paso
April 2013, UTEP opened its doors to
the Military Student Success Center. The
MSSC serves active duty military, veterans
and family members, providing a one-stop
center for all phases of UTEP enrollment.
UTEP is part of a network of universi-
ties that can easily accept and transfer credit
for military students. For more information,
call 744-1382.
Family and Morale, Welfare and
FMWR offers numerous
activities for the entire family. All activi-
ties are either free or cost effective. These
include river rafting, hiking, concerts,
festivals and more. For more information,
call 568-3500 or visit
Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums
The museums are located in Bldg. 1735,
Marshall Rd. There is also an outdoor park-
like exhibit area that features large 1st Ar-
mored or Army weapons and vehicles. For
more information, call 568-5412.
Freedom Crossing
Freedom Cross-
ing is the first of its kind military shopping
center in the world. In addition to shops and
restaurants, Freedom Crossing features the
Grand Theatre, a 10-screen, stadium seating
movie theatre; an outdoor fireplace, shaded
patios, and interactive fountain and chil-
dren’s play area.
Throughout the year, Freedom Crossing
is host to a full event calendar including our
renowned summer concert series, “Let Free-
dom Sing,” monthly play dates, festivals, par-
ties and more.
Freedom Crossing is located in the heart
of West Fort Bliss. For more information,
Old Fort Bliss Replica
The Replica is
located at the corner of Pleasonton and Persh-
ing roads, across from the Noel Field Parade
Ground. The Replica is operated by FMWR.
It offers educational programming through
the Children’s Cultural Living History Pro-
gram, as well as special events throughout
the year. Call ahead for details about special
events, programs and volunteer opportuni-
ties. For more information call 568-4518 or
U.S. Army Museum of the NCO
U.S. Army Museum of the Noncommis-
sioned Officer displays the history and tradi-
tions of Army NCOs from their birth more
than two centuries ago to the present. Visi-
tors to the museum are taken on a journey,
which includes the Civil War, American ex-
pansion overseas, World Wars I and II, Viet-
nam and other crucial periods in American
military history.
The museum is located in Bldg. 11331 on
the corner of SSG Sims and Barksdale roads
on East Fort Bliss. It is open to the public and
admission is free. For more information and
guided tours, call 568-5646.
Other Services
American Red Cross
The American
Red Cross at Fort Bliss offers a wide variety
of services to Soldiers and their families in
meeting emergencies. The Fort Bliss office
is located in Bldg. 45 Slater Rd. on West
Fort Bliss. For information, call 568-4898.
The Red Cross also maintains an office at
William Beaumont Army Medical Center,
located in the Bradley Building, 4th Floor,
4-D-1. For additional information call 742-
2483. Emergency Red Cross services are
available 24/7 by calling 1-877-272-7337.
Armed Services YMCA Program
The Armed Services YMCA
Revoluntionary War Exhibit displayed inside the U.S. Army Museum of the NCO
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