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Better Opportunities for Single Sol-
diers (BOSS)
BOSS supports the overall
quality of single Soldiers’ lives. BOSS iden-
tifies real quality of life issues and concerns
by recommending improvements through
the installation chain of command. BOSS
also encourages and assists single Soldiers
in identifying and planning for recreational
and leisure activities. Additionally, it allows
for the opportunity to participate in and
contribute to their respective communities.
For more information, call 744-1525 or visit
Sgt. Audie Murphy Club
The Ser-
geant Audie Murphy Club is a private Army
organization for enlisted noncommissioned
officers only. Those NCO’s whose leader-
ship achievements and performance merit
special recognition may possibly earn the
reward of membership. Members must ex-
emplify leadership characterized by person-
al concern for the needs, training, develop-
ment, and welfare of Soldiers and concern
for families of Soldiers. For more informa-
tion, visit them on Facebook.
Junior Enlisted Family Center
Junior Enlisted Family Center is co-spon-
sored by the ASYMCA, with activities de-
signed for spouses and children of Soldiers
E-5 and below. The center’s current location
is in Bldg. 1717 Marshall Rd.
The JEFC offers clothing (infant/adult),
furniture, household items and emergency
food pantry, through referrals only. Referrals
are available at the Army Community Ser-
vice, Army Emergency Relief, Chaplain’s
Office, and through the Soldier’s unit com-
mand. All items are free to Soldiers and their
families. Hours of operation are from noon
to 5 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
For more information, call 564-0009 during
business hours.
NCO Wives’ Club
The Noncommis-
sioned Officers’ Wives Club is open to
spouses of E4 promotable through E9 active
duty personnel and retirees. Attendance at
coffees, social meetings and many more di-
verse activities are all a part of the schedule.
The main objective of the club is to promote
better relations between the city of El Paso
and Fort Bliss and to raise funds for charity.
For more information, call 851-2311.
Officer and Civilian Spouses’ As-
The Officers and Civilians
Spouses’ Association is open to all spouses
of officers and warrant officers, active duty
and retired, and spouses of GS-9 and above.
It focuses its activities on community ser-
vices and welfare. Many OCSA members
volunteer for Army Community Service and
the American Red Cross, in addition to oth-
er Soldier service projects. Funds from the
OCSA Thrift Shop and annual fundraisers
are donated to charity, college scholarships
and Fort Bliss activities.
If you are interested in joining the
OCSA, write to: Fort Bliss Officer and Ci-
vilian Spouses’ Association, P.O. Box 6365,
Fort Bliss, Texas 79906, or visit
Army Continuing Education Sys-
The Army Continuing Education
System is located at Bldg. A408 Sergeant
Major Blvd. on East Fort Bliss. The center
provides educational programs and civil-
ian and military testing services to the Fort
Bliss community.
There are post-secondary institutions
with representatives on post who offer vari-
ous vocational/technical career and certifi-
cation programs, and associates, bachelors
and masters programs. For more informa-
tion, call 744-1333 or come by our offices.
El Paso Community College
El Paso
Community College offers transfer degree
programs, vocational/technical career pro-
grams, certification programs and associate
degree programs. EPCC is located in Bldg.
639 Merritt Rd. on West Fort Bliss. For
more information, call 831-5511.
Freedom Crossing
can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your military career. For one thing, an
Army post offers something we’re all very conscious of in today’s fast moving world – convenience. Fort Bliss has it all. You’ll find
banking, medical, shopping, recreational and religious facilities right at your doorstep. But in order to take full advantage of post
services, you need to acquaint yourself with each special branch. That’s what this section is all about. Hopefully, it will give you
a working knowledge of Fort Bliss’ many services, how they operate, and how you can take advantage of each one.
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