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Fort Bliss
Upon arrival at Fort Bliss,
all personnel must report to the Housing Ser-
vices Office (HSO) located at T0070, corner
of Carter and Pleasonton on West Fort Bliss.
For information, call 568-2898/2538.
The HSO must be contacted before any off-
post housing arrangements are made, other
than temporary overnight accommodations.
Soldiers must report to the gaining on-post
housing office prior to starting their house
hunting. Failure to do so will result in the
Soldier being charged leave for the entire pe-
riod IAWAR 600-8-10.
The Fort Bliss HSO can help you choose
temporary lodging or find a permanent home
for rent or purchase. It can also help you de-
cide whether to buy a home, show you how
to go about doing it and offer time and mon-
ey-saving ideas for your move.
There are no facilities on Fort Bliss for
mobile homes; however, there is an RV Park
and RV storage facility adjacent to the RV
For additional information concerning
the RV Park and details for RV storage, call
On Post
The Balfour Beatty Communi-
ties Management Office is located at 1991
Marshall Rd. For more information, call
2015 Post Telephone Directory and Guide
On post housing
On post housing
Historical on post housing
Historical on post housing
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