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Fort Bliss Lodging Services
IHG – Army Hotel
The Fort Bliss
Lodging Office Intercontinental Hotels
Group-Army Hotel is an on-post official
travel quarters for active duty who are
on TDY or PCS orders. All personnel on
official travel orders to Fort Bliss, whether
PCS or TDY, must use Fort Bliss Lodging
if space is available. A Certificate of Non-
Availability will be issued if lodging
is full. Be advised that CNA’s must be
obtained prior to going off post. Lodging
also provides accommodations to active
duty and retired military families and their
guests. The IHG-Army Hotel is located
in Bldg. 1744 Victory Avenue, adjacent to
the Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums.
The hotel is the central check-in and check-
out point for all Fort Bliss lodging. For
reservations, call 565-7777.
Armed Services YMCA Residence
Center Inn
The Armed Services Resi-
dence Inn provides amenities for making
your stay as trouble free and pleasurable as
possible. Guests are provided a clean, safe
and distinctive stay and the ASYMCA’s
Southwestern hospitality is surpassed by
none. The hotel-style facility accommodates
families, singles, active, reserve, retired
military, government civilians, veterans and
their pets at a reasonable cost. For reserva-
tions, call 562-8461 or toll free 1-888-880-
2774. All major credit cards accepted.
Some Fort Bliss Policies
All bicycle owners will register
their bicycles within 10 working days of
their arrival or acquisition. You may reg-
ister bicycles with Vehicle Registration in
Bldg. 5400 Robert E. Lee Rd. or Bldg. 2616
Chaffee Gate on West Fort Bliss. For more
information, call 568-3215.
Military Pay
Defense Military Pay Of-
fice and A Detachment, 4th Finance Battal-
ion, 15th Sustainment Brigade is located at
Bldg. 21000 Minue Dr. on East Fort Bliss.
For more information, call 741-7918/7917.
In and Out Processing is conducted in Bldg.
505 Pershing Rd. on West Fort Bliss. For
more information, call 568-2830.
The speed limit on Fort Bliss is
25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
Speed limit is 10 mph in parking lots, on
service roads and while passing dismounted
Motorcyclists are required to wear hel-
mets, safety vests, long sleeves, long legged
trousers, full fingered gloves and over the
ankle shoes on and off post.
Travel to Mexico
Currently, Soldiers
are banned from traveling to border cities
in Mexico. Exceptions can be made if war-
ranted in an emergency.
The normal duty uniform is
the ACU, unless otherwise specified by the
unit commander. Army uniforms and equip-
ment are not to be worn in Mexico. Civilian
clothing is customary when off-duty, and is
governed by rules of good taste and social
standards. Official functions off post any-
time, uniform is ASU.
Fort Bliss does not require per-
sonnel to register their personally owned
Service members, civilians
and family members who reside permanent-
ly or temporarily, in Fort Bliss family quar-
ters (government owned or leased), bachelor
officer quarters (BOQs) and bachelor enlist-
ed quarters (BEQs) will register all privately
owned firearms at Vehicle Registration,
Bldg. 5400 Robert E. Lee Rd. or Bldg. 2616
Chaffee Gate on West Fort Bliss within 72
hours of arriving, acquiring, purchasing or
receiving the firearm. Personnel who bring a
firearm onto the installation for the purpose
of engaging in authorized activities are re-
quired to register their weapons as well. For
more information, call 568-3211/6853.
Household Goods
Immediately upon
arrival, incoming personnel are required to
contact the Inbound Section, Personal Prop-
erty Shipping Office, to provide a contact
address and telephone number where they
can be reached to arrange delivery of their
household goods/unaccompanied baggage.
This may be done either by calling 568-
2735/4339 or personally visiting the inbound
section at Bldg. 505 Pershing Rd. on West
Fort Bliss.
Reports of damaged or missing goods
(DD Form 1840/1840-R) are to be submit-
ted to the Claims Office (2nd Floor, Bldg.
113, 568-6751).
For more information, call Quality Con-
trol Section at 568-3188/3433; inbound at
568-4339/2735; or outbound at 568-8218,
located on 2nd floor, Bldg. 503B Pershing
© Fort Bliss Public Affairs
Military Pay
all personnel should report to the Welcome Center, Bldg. 505, for in-processing.
Representatives are available to facilitate processing and minimize inconveniences. For information, call 568-3035.
FB Lodging
565-7777 •
FB Housing
564-0795 •
Off Post Housing
Fort Bliss on post housing
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