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The office also provides help with bills
of sale, powers of attorney, notary services,
preparation of wills, and federal and state
income electronic tax filing (during tax sea-
The Legal Assistance Office is located
in Bldg. 113 Pershing Rd. (parking off Slat-
er Rd.). For more information and hours of
operation call 568-7141 or 568-6513.
Banking facilities
Fort Bliss is served
by two banking facilities and one credit
union – Armed Forces Bank, Wells Fargo
Bank, and FirstLight Federal Credit Union
– offering an array of banking services for
military and civilian personnel.
Armed Forces Bank
has three loca-
tions on Fort Bliss and 20 ATMs through-
out the installation. Main bank is located
at 1720 Marshall Rd. and open Monday
through Friday. Exchange branch is located
at 1611 Marshall Rd. inside the Main Ex-
change and is open seven days – same hours
as the Exchange. East Bliss – Biggs Mini
Mall branch is located at 13471 Sergeant
Major Blvd. and also open 7 days a week.
For more information, call 562-5454.
FirstLight FCU
has three locations. The
Fort Bliss branch is located in Bldg. 1741,
Marshall Rd. on West Fort Bliss. The East
Fort Bliss Branch is located at 20727 Ser-
geant Major Blvd., and the third at WBAMC
in Bldg. 7777. For more information, call
Wells Fargo Bank
maintains a limited
service facility and an automatic teller ma-
chine. Wells Fargo Bank is in Bldg. 1722,
Marshall Rd. For more information, call
Post Office
The Fort Bliss Post Office
in Bldg. 1733 Haan Rd. is open Monday,
Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5
p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m.
to 6 p.m.; and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2
p.m. The Postal Unit at FirstLight FCU in
Bldg. 20720 Constitution Ave. is open Mon-
day through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Public Affairs Office
The Public Af-
fairs Office plays two major roles. They
establish and maintain good community
relations between Fort Bliss and the local
community through events, concerts, tours
and publications such as this one. Secondly,
PAO is responsible for telling the Army’s,
and particularly Fort Bliss’ story. For infor-
mation, call 568-4601.
The Fort Bliss Bugle is the command’s
medium for disseminating news and in-
formation to the Fort Bliss community. By
reading the Fort Bliss Bugle, residents of
Fort Bliss can be up-to-date on everything
from breaking news to movie premieres.
Submissions can be e-mailed to fortblissbu-
or call 568-4088. The con-
tract to publish and distribute the Fort Bliss
Bugle is with the Laven Publishing Group.
Commander’s Access Channel is a 24-
hour program station, seven days a week
source of both entertainment and informa-
tion that includes the Pentagon Channel.
You can be view the Commander’s Access
Channel on Cable Channel 15, and The
Pentagon Channel can be viewed on Cable
Channel 20. To contact the Commander’s
Channel, call 568-7002.
The PAO also works with local, regional
and international news media to tell the
Army/Fort Bliss story. PAO staff members
respond to all media queries and can ar-
range media interviews. If you have a story
you would like the media to cover, call 568-
4088/4505 or 744-8406 (1AD).
Another important aspect of public af-
fairs is community relations. Public Affairs
project officers serve as liaisons between
the military community at Fort Bliss and
the civilian community of El Paso and be-
yond. Requests include speakers, equipment
displays, tours of the installation, Army
Band support, Soldier appreciation events,
etc. Events such as the Sun Bowl and Armed
Forces Day celebrations are all coordinated
by the GPAO.
For more information on any of these ac-
tivities, call 744-8406/8435 or 568-4505.
Trial Defense Services
The Trial
Defense Services provides specified de-
fense counsel services for Army personnel,
whenever required by law or regulation and
authorized by TJAG or TJAG’s designee; to
represent Soldiers in Article 32 hearings,
courts-martial, administrative boards, and
other proceedings; and to advise and assist
Soldiers with Article 15s, chapters, repri-
mands and other adverse actions. The Trial
Defense Services Office is located in Bldg.
50 Slater Rd. For more information and
hours of operations, call 568-5504.
- There are two USO locations, one in
Bldg. 2408 Chaffee Rd. on West Fort Bliss
and the other in B118 Sergeant Major Blvd.
on Central Fort Bliss. The USO offers rec-
reational activities for Soldiers and family
members. For more information, call 569-
5644 or 744-3480.
Commissary (DECA)
The Defense
Commissary Agency operates on a self-
service basis for the convenience of active
duty, Reserve components, retired military
personnel and their family members.
Identification cards must be presented by
all military personnel, retirees and family
members before gaining entry to the Com-
Merchandise discount coupons are re-
deemable at the Commissary. In addition,
the Lone Star Electronic Benefit Transfer
System is also available to patrons.
The Commissary is in Bldg. 1620 Mar-
shall Rd., adjacent to Freedom Crossing
complex. For more information, call 568-
Little Bit of Bliss Gift Shop
Little Bit
of Bliss has American and military gifts,
cards, embroidery, quilts, wood work, vin-
tage items and antiques. There is something
for everyone and every occasion. Wares
within the shop are from local vendors and
the OCSA Ways & Means Committee. The
shop is sponsored by the Officers’ Civil-
ians’ Spouses’ Association and sells a va-
riety of items on a consignment basis. The
shop is located in Bldg. 1717 Marshall Rd.,
inside the Trading Post on West Fort Bliss.
For more information, call 562-7467.
Post Exchange Facilities
The Army
and Air Force Exchange Service maintains
a wide variety of retail merchandise, food
and service outlets to meet the needs of Sol-
diers, retirees and their families.
The main Post Exchange is located in
Bldg. 1611, across the street from the Com-
missary. This facility encompasses the
Food Court, Military Clothing Sales Store,
concession activities and the WBAMC Re-
fill Pharmacy.
For convenience, food facilities include
Anthony’s Pizza, Subway, Manchu Wok,
Sarku Japan, Starbucks, Charley’s Steakery,
Baskin-Robbins and Taco Bell. They are lo-
cated in the Food Court Mall. Just outside
the food court is SmashBurger, Denny’s,
Sushi Place, Buffalo Wild Wings and a Tex-
as Road House.
For more information, visit http:// or the
AAFES web site at
or call
Thrift Shop
The Thrift Shop is located in
Bldg. 1717 Marshall Rd., inside the Trading
Post on West Fort Bliss and is open to the
public. The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with
consignments from 9 to 11 a.m. The shop
is also open the first and third Saturdays of
each month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with con-
signments 10 a.m. to noon. You must have
a valid I.D. card to be able to consign. For
more information, call 562-5451. Volun-
teers are always welcome.
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