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Retired military men who start a second career in mid-life could forecast retirement trends of the future.

They are drawn to the South and their education, good health and stable incomes make them a desirable

consumer target.

Military retirement patterns are on the leading edge of an important trend. Today’s military retirees may

reveal the preferences of tomorrow’s retirement migrants and will start to retire in much larger numbers now

with Army cutbacks. Military retirees have lived in a variety of places and are inclined to settle in areas with

favorable climates. The favored spots are often close to a fort where they were stationed, or a hospital like

William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

These military typically retire in their early 40s after about 20 years of service. Many of them begin second

careers and become dynamic forces in their adopted communities. Military retirement income along with their

new salaries reflect an affluent, easily targeted market.

A dominant state for retirement is Texas with 148,000 in the area around El Paso, Texas. They are eligible

for discounts at medical facilities such as WBAMC. They are in good health, well educated, and active. Most

of them become involved with civic projects in their communities. But more importantly to you in business,

these retirees have a higher-than-average level of disposable income. They represent a “clean industry” for the

sunbelt. Nationwide, the government spends about $2 billion per month in military retirement pay.

State officials in Texas are looking for ways to put ex-military personnel into key jobs, according to

“Governing” Magazine. With their technical backgrounds and emphasis on patriotism and discipline, retired

soldiers are also perfect candidates for teaching jobs. But the military retiree must look to the local community

for services such as banking, insurance, dentistry, cable TV, and homes and maintenance needs. Cash registers

ring when military retirees buy automobiles, furniture, major appliances and clothing.

Because of the philosophy, “Once military... always military” the retiree is very interested in reading the Fort

Bliss Bugle, keeping up-to-date on retiree benefits and events, and picks up the paper weekly on and off post.

The retiree... another reason to advertise in their paper, the Fort Bliss Bugle.

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as well as the active military, government employees and their families.

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