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L A V E N P U B L I S H I N G G R O U P Spc.GeorgeKinsey, SoY,known fordiscipline ByVirginiaReza FortBlissPublicAffairs OnMay 25, Spc.GeorgeKinsey, a native of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, received the BestWarrior Award for winning the title of 2017 Fort Bliss Soldierof theYear.He representedFort Bliss in the BestWarrior Competition May 14 through 18, at III Corps, Fort Hood,Texas,wherehe took thirdplace overall. Kinsey is a Soldier assigned to a specialty reconnaissance platoon with 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 1stBrigadeCombatTeam,1stArmored Division, a unit that only accepts self- sufficient and self-disciplinedSoldiers. Apanel selectsSoldiers for the unit af- ter they undergo and surpass numerous demanding tasks. “The recon platoon is full of re- markable Soldiers,” said 1st Sgt. Imari Jackson, 3rdBn., 41st Inf.Regt. “They are a great example ofwhat a Soldier should be.When these guys go back to their unit, they take backwhat they learned at recon to recreate the same atmosphere to try and motivate other Soldierswhomay not be as inspired.” During his high school years,Kin- sey competed in wrestling and track and played the tuba in the marching band.Some of his favorite things to do Hardworkingwar- rior2017FortBliss NCOof theYear ByVirginiaReza FortBlissPublicAffairs When he arrived in the United Statesfive years ago,Sgt.VicenteTor- res headed to the recruiting office in Austin,Texas, to sign up for theArmy, only to be turned down because he didn’t speak English. His dreams of becoming a Soldier were crushed. He gave up hope for amilitary career and beganworking in construction. For the next two years,Torres stud- ied hard to learn the language by read- ing books, watching TV and listening to the radio.One day he passed by the recruiting office and decided to give it another shot.A couple ofmonths later, Torres enlisted in theArmy and attend- edbasic training. On May 25, Torres received the BestWarrior Competition Award and an Army Commendation Medal for winning the title of 2017 Fort Bliss NoncommissionedOfficer of theYear. Last year hewas theFortBlissSoldier of theYear. The23-year-oldNCO is assigned to a specialty reconnaissanceplatoonwith 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Ar- mored Division. The platoon requires the utmost in disciplined individuals. Leaders select Soldiers for the platoon FortBliss remembers fallen BySgt.KelseyMiller 1stBCT,1stADPublicAffairs Memorial Day is a special day when we take time to honor and remember the more than one mil- lion men and women who died in the serviceofourcountry.Formerly called Decoration Day, Memo- rial Day is a day of remembrance, a chance for some to halt their busy schedules to give thanks to those who gave all. In keeping with that tradition, Maj.Gen. PatWhite, commanding general, 1stArmored Division and FortBliss, and Soldiers assigned to 1stBrigadeCombatTeam, 1stAD, hosted theMemorialDay Ceremo- ny at the Fort BlissNationalCem- etery hereMonday. “As we take this day to remem- ber our country’s fallen, and look back through our history to honor all those that gave their lives for our freedom and our liberty, let us recommit ourselves and remind all Americans of the true meaning of MemorialDay,”White said. “I can- not emphasize enough how our ob- servance of this day, understanding and respecting its truemeaning, is so important to all of us, ourwon- derful community, and our future generations.” FORTBLISS’ONLYAUTHORIZEDNEWSPAPER Concordiaʼs veterans remembered ■ 1B Thursday,June 1,2017 Iron Focus17 ■ 3A Connectwith theBugle at: FortBlissCommunity Life @FortBlissTexas 1stArmoredDivision and FortBliss • Click on the e-Edition FORTBLISS Friday Saturday Sunday ■ UnitNews ............................. 3A ■ Community........................... 1B ■ Sports................................... 7B ■ OffDuty ................................ 8B ■ CommercialClassifieds....... 10B ■ ArmyClassifieds................. 10B Mostly sunny Hi87,Lo68 Mostly sunny Hi 92,Lo69 Sunny,hot Hi 95,Lo72 Outstanding Bliss Soldiers 3-41 Inf. Regt. supplies both Soldier, NCO of the Year See SOY Page 4A See NCO Page 6A See FALLEN Page 2A VirginiaReza / FortBlissPublicAffairs Spc.GeorgeKinsey,FortBlissSoldier of theYear, right, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, is con- gratulated for earning the Best Warrior Competition Award by one of his battle buddies, Spc. Christopher Witt, also assigned to 3rd Bn., 41st Inf. Regt., 1st BCT, 1st AD, during a ceremonyMay 25 at the Ready First ParadeFieldonEastFortBliss.Kinsey representedFort Bliss at the BestWarrior Competition at III Corps, Fort Hood,Texas,whereheplaced third overall. VirginiaReza / FortBlissPublicAffairs Sgt. Vincente Torres, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Ar- mored Division, poses for a photo in front of a Stryker Combat Vehicle here April 24. Torres is the Fort Bliss NoncommissionedOfficer of theYear andwas the Fort BlissSoldier of theYear last year. >> URBAN TRAINING StaffSgt.ElizabethTarr /24thPressCampHeadquarters ASoldier assigned to 1stBattalion,6th InfantryRegiment,2ndBrigadeCom- batTeam,1stArmoredDivision,prepares tofireaM240Bmachinegunduring urbanwarfare training at Orogrande,N.M.,May 22. The Soldier participated in IronFocus17,abrigade-level trainingexercise thatallowscommanders to exercise their systemsandprocesses,aswellas conductbattle trackingand forward support distribution. It also allows them to gauge the status of their readiness and validate processes to ensure they are prepared forworldwide operations. Formore on this story,seepage 8A. 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