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Summer 2017 • Published by The Henry County Times • Vol. 17

The Library Times

Jazz musician and singer Louis Armstrong sang it best; “I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” A wonderful

world of imagination and discovery is waiting for you at your local library. The Children’s and Young Adult (aka:

teen) services members at all branches of the Henry County Library System have been constructing a summer full

of excitement for patrons of all ages. As we try to build better readers, we aspire to create future leaders and

encourage children of all ages to visit the library.

Children from birth to 6th grade

are encouraged to visit the library, register for our summer reading pro-

gram, and join in the “Build a Better World” phenomenon. Upon registering, each participant will receive a

reading folder in which they can write down the books read in June and July, with the goal being either to

complete 20 books or to spend a total of 10 hours reading. Once they achieve this goal, the participant returns

to the library, to receive a certificate of completion and a prize, a book of their choosing they get to keep!

Registration begins June 1st.

Teens and tweens ranging from 6th to 12th grade

follow a different path on their summer reading adventure. Each

day a young adult (teen or tween) checks out items at their local Henry County Library, they will receive one Summer

Reading scratch-off ticket. Some of these tickets will be an instant winner entitling the teen to a special prize. Others will

not be an instant winner, but will be submitted into a drawing to win an tablet (1 per branch). The more you visit the more

chances to win! Each branch will be offering a variety of programs for teens and tweens so keep an eye on the library website


) for summer programming calendars.

All programs offered by the libraries are free but seating is limited and some events do require

pre-registration. Please feel free to call your library to obtain information about special events or if you have any questions regarding programs. Be sure to visit our website at

. Our world is precious; let us all make it even better by building better readers.

The Bio-Bus itself is a 30-foot long, self-con-

tained, mobile laboratory that accommo-

dates up to 15 students at a time. Bio-Bus

brings relevant, participatory, and - above all

– FUN science presentations to students all

over Georgia. The Bio-Bus Program is com-

prised of students and educators at Georgia

State University who are committed to build-

ing a learning community that serves all

Georgians. This year, four of the Henry

County Libraries will feature the Bio- Bus.

STARWARS-themed geological series Bio-

Bus will take place at Locust Grove Public

Library. Pre-registration is required.

Children up to age 12 will be welcomed on

Friday, July 14, at 10:15 and 12:30 for these

amazing programs.

“Biotechnology: Forensic’s” Bio-Bus for

Teens ages 12 and up with an interest in

forensics will be at Locust Grove Public

Library. This event takes place July 14 at 1:45

PM immediately following the children’s


“Heart andYour Health” Bio-Bus will be at

McDonough Public Library on June

30th.The Bio-Bus program will take place

from 11 AM-12 PM for children ages 7-12,

and for teens 12-17 from 2-3 PM. Children,

teens, and their adults will be introduced to

the basic anatomy and function of the mam-

malian heart and circulatory system. The

high point of this program is the opportunity

to handle a preserved cow heart. Signups

are required to attend.

“Water in the Environment” Bio-Bus will be

at Cochran Public Library on June 14 at 2:00

PM. This module also introduces students to

the basic properties of water that allow life

on Earth to exist. Emphasis is placed on

understanding the harmful effects of pollu-

tants in our lakes, rivers, streams, and

groundwater. Sign-up are required.

“Chemistry: States of Matter” Bio-Bus will

hold two sessions at Fortson Public Library

on Friday, July 7. This module focuses on the

properties of the states of matter with

demonstrations to illustrate the concepts

and gain familiarity with lab practices. Our

11 AM session will be specifically tailored

for teens and adults with developmental dif-

ferences. Sign-up required, intended for

those 8 years old and up.

“Chemistry: Acids, Bases, and Indicators”

Bio-Bus take place at Fortson Public Library

on Friday, July 7 at 3 PM. Participants will

conduct hands-on experiments while learn-

ing about the properties of acids and bases,

the use of pH indicators, and scientific think-

ing and methodology. Sign-up required,

intended for those 8 years old and up.

Building the Mind and Building the

body, with FREE lunch at the Library!

With summer right around the cor-

ner, it’s time to think about keeping

children eating healthy while school

is out. In addition to fun, free and

educational summer programs to

build the mind, Henry County

Library System is also helping to

build healthy kids. From June 5

through July 31, Henry County

Library System branches will pro-

vides free meals to children ages 18

and younger. This summer, meals

will be served Monday through

Friday at all five Henry County

Library System Branches. Locust

Grove Library, Fortson Library,

McDonough Library and Fairview

Library will serve lunch from 12:30 -

1:30 pm Cochran Library will serve

lunch from 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

There are no income requirements or

registration. Each year, the U.S.

Department of Agriculture partners

with local organizations like the

Henry County Library System and

The Literacy for Youth Foundation to

provide free meals to children for the

summer. Any child under age 18 may

come and eat. For more information

about the national Summer Food

Service Program, visit http://www.

• 501st Legion • American Honey Company Boutique • Angela & Isabella Alba • Anthony’s Pizza of McDonough • Barbara Green • Barnes and Noble • Bear Creek Senior Activity Center

• Bio Bus from Georgia State University • Brittany L. Montrois, CPA • Castillo Real Mexican Cocina & Bar • Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forestry Service

• Chick-Fil-A @ Hwy 20 • Chick-Fil-A @ Lake Dow • City of Hampton Police Department • City of Locust Grove • City of McDonough • City of Stockbridge

• Stockbridge Mainstreet Program • Central Georgia EMC • Connie Baptiste • Craig Elrod & Daughter, McDonough City Council District III • Deron R. Hicks, author

• Delta Community Credit Union • Dairy Queen of McDonough (Hwy 20) • Debbie Loflin • Dr. Favers • Dr. Richard Arroyo-Diaz • Friends of the Library • Fun Bowl of Henry County

• Gale Cengage Learning and

• Georgia Forestry Commission & Smokey the Bear • Georgia Piedmont Region K-9 Search & Rescue • Georgia State Parks

• Gezzo Surf & Grill, McDonough • Great Clips, Locust Grove • Hampton Service Center • Hare House - Sandy & Kayla Campbell • Henry County 4-H Council • Henry County Chamber of Commerce

• Henry County Fire Department - Station 5 • Henry County Public Library Staff • Henry County Parks & Recreation Therapeutic Recreation • Henry County Water and Sewerage

• Institute of Musuem & Library Services • Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Educational Theatre • LEGOLAND of Atlanta • Metro Metal Works • Mobile Dairy Classroom

• Publix Corporation • Queen Bee Coffee Company • R. Brian Strickland, Smith, Welch, Webb & White • Smashburger • Veterans of Georgia • Wendy’s of Locust Grove







2017 Summer Reading Program


A self-guided tour through Henry County

This program is for families or individuals to visit different locations (in

Henry County) listed in your passport. The goal of the program is to expand

your knowledge and participation within the community. As you visit differ-

ent locations, you will have them marked off in your passport booklet either

by an employee at the location or by showing a selfie from the location to

library staff. You may request your passport from the McDonough or Locust

Grove Library Branch. Return the completed passport and receive a prize.