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Gulf Pine CATHOLIC C THE DIOCESE OF BIL XI NEWSPAPER Volume 39 > Number 4 OCTOBER 15, 2021 Respect Life PAGES 9-16 Sacred Heart Parish in D’Iberville celebrates 100 years PAGE 24 BY BISHOP LOUIS F. KIHNEMAN III Bishop of the Diocese of Biloxi The world-wide Synodal process that has been called for by our Holy Father, Pope Francis, was highlighted in my article and on the front page of the October 1 issue of the Gulf Pine Catholic . In the Diocese of Biloxi, our participation in the Synodal process begins with Mass on October 17, 11 a.m., at Nativity B.V.M. Cathedral. I encourage and invite you to come and participate. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be gathering information from the faithful. In the spirit of “Synod,” you are encouraged to participate as part of a group -- in your parish, in a group such as Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver or Knights and Ladies of Columbus, or as member of a ministry group, etc. In this listening process, we are asked to reflect on three vital pillars of a Church that journeys together: Communion, Participation, and Mission. These three pil- lars will be covered in discussing the following three areas: 1) Forming parishes in the service of evangeliza- tion; 2) Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’ love and respond to his call; and 3) Forming youth and young adults as missionary disciples. Leo Trahan, Director of Faith Formation, and Ray Lacy, Director of Youth Ministry, will co-chair the Diocesan Committee for the Synod. Two committee members have been chosen from each deanery: Central Coast: Linda Hebert and Katelyn Snow; East Central: Lauren Ellis and Kelsey Hymel; East Coast: Bragg Moore and Linda Holtorf; Northern: Chris Vineyard and Renee Lichtenhan; West Coast: Linden Williams and Shelby Martin. Please participate, join in communion, and join in the mission of the Church to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19). If you do not have the opportunity to participate as part of a group, please use the QR code below with your smart phone, go to our website,, or write your answers to the questions below and email them to: info@bilox- , or mail them to: Synod Committee, Diocese of Biloxi, 1790 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 39532. What you need to know about the upcoming Synod - promote a sense of ownership of parish activities - involve parishioners in setting a vision for the parish - regularly assess their performance - have Sunday liturgies that satisfy the spiritual needs of parishioners and send them forth for service - address the needs of multilingual and multicultural communities at Mass - train parishioners to be evangelizers - reach out to bring Catholics back to the Church - reach out to attract new members - are attentive to the needs of others - engage in the work of justice and racial equality 2. How are our parish communities (families, ministries, schools) forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’ love and respond to his call? How our parish communities increase their efforts to make disciples? Parishes that form missionary disciples: - provide resources and experiences that facilitate a personal encounter with Jesus - proclaim the core message of the faith (the “kerygma”) - offer meaningful life-long formation for discipleship - provide resources and experiences for learning how to pray, especially with sacred Scripture - encourage faith-sharing in small groups - effectively meet the need for adult faith formation - accompany married couples in living out their vocation throughout their marriage - help married couples recognize and respond to the call to discipleship in their marriage - are responsive to the spiritual needs of those who are single, separated, divorced or widowed - strengthen the tie between discipleship, love for neighbor, and joyful service 3. How are our parish communities (families, ministries, schools) forming youth and young adults into missionary disciples? How can our parish communities improve their formation efforts? Parishes that form youth and young adults into missionary disciples: - equip and assist families in forming children as disciples who know and love Jesus and his Church SEE SYNOD, PAGE 8 Schedule: October 9-10, 2021 -- Synod Opening in Rome October 17, 2021 -- Synod Opening in Diocese November 2021 -- Preparing the People of God through preaching, catechesis, and other prayer opportunities (adoration, rosary, prayer circles, petitions) November 15-18, 2021 -- USCCB Plenary Assembly: Additional Presentation on the Synod November 2021-January 2022 -- Listening Sessions with the People of God February 15, 2022 -- Parish and local reports given to Deanery Team March 15, 2022 -- Deanery Reports given to Diocesan Team March 22, 2022 -- Drafting and feedback of Diocesan report April 1, 2022 -- Diocesan Reports given to USCCB April 2022 -- Drafting and feedback of USCCB Report April 30, 2022 -- USCCB Report given to Synod of Bishops Diocese of Biloxi Focus Areas & Questions 1. How are our parish communities (families, ministries, schools) in the service of evangelization? How can our parish communities become more evangelizing? Evangelizing Parishes: - are welcoming and accessible