INSIDE I nnovations and the internet of things are ushering in a new wave of connected smart build- ing systems.These innovative systems are allowing companies to increasingly automate, optimize and manage buildings systems with sen- sors and digital controllers. While these technologies are work- ing to reduce costs and significantly improve the tenant and occupant experience, at the same time, they also come with a new set of risks and vul- nerabilities, as building controllers and IoT devices used in smart buildings typically run on legacy systems that lack basic cyber pro- tections. According to a recent Ernst & Young LLP survey, 91 percent of real estate leaders today indicate that their security function does not meet their current needs.This is an especially shocking number to think about when you consider that more than 95 per- cent of today’s building systems have an unsecure internet connection. • The “forgotten” network. When it comes to cybersecurity, most people are familiar with the term information technology. IT is the more common term, focused on business and corpo- rate environments.This environment is mature, due to years of focus and development on the technologies and tools used. On the other side, there is the opera- tion technology environment, com- monly referred to as OT. OT environ- ments are more process driven, such as those in manufacturing and heavy industry. The OT environment is focused on availability and safety – overseeing the devices provides the basis for all measurement, monitor- ing and management. OT environ- ments operate using proprietary protocols, which often are as old as the building and are therefore using legacy technology, and are not under the traditional IT function, meaning they often are forgotten in cybersecurity protocols. Accord- ing to the survey, 76 percent of real estate companies still keep cyber- The task force comes together under one green roof, now City Council must do the same Green roof update PAGES 6-8 Management tips to help you develop a high- performing building operator workforce Employee training PAGE 13 Technologies are gaining traction to help effectively handle job responsibilities Technology spotlight Please see Page 20 October 2018 Cybersecurity: Protect your forgotten networks Thomas Jackson OT and IoT cybersecurity leader, Ernst & Young LLP Most smart buildings are an overlay of new internet of things devices on legacy systems that lack cybersecurity controls, which can enable the smart building management sys- tem to be the gateway into the entire corporate information technology network and even the tenants’ networks. Only 29 percent of BMS operators have taken or will take actions to protect these systems, despite a 74 percent increase in cyber incidents involving systems such as a BMS. PAGES 16-19