INSIDE I t can be a daunting challenge to bring a 15- to 20-year-old building up to the level needed to meet the ever-changing expectations of your occu- pants. And, if you’re hoping to attract preferred high-end, long- term office space clients, it can be even more difficult. When a major mechanical system exceeds its useful life, it can trigger the need to consider any replace- ment from a broader, integrated sys- tems perspective. Rather than taking a siloed approach to managing sys- tems in today’s buildings, an effec- tive new approach is to develop a building operations strategy horizontal- ly across all these systems. • From silos to shared information. The challenge is to understand the wave of emerging digital technol- ogy in the building systems market. Traditional building systems (heat- ing/cooling, security or lighting) can be isolated, stand-alone systems and the value of information usu- ally remains locked within each. This island effect blocks the build- ing owner and operator from being able to view important information from the various building systems in aggregate. This creates a challenge to optimally maintain the building throughout its life cycle. The advent of the Internet of Things is unlocking these islands of building information as many of today’s systems now are designed to be digitally connected. This is valu- able in the ability to share informa- tion and enhance the aggregation of various building systems to obtain more value from building manage- ment information. Approximately 90 percent of a building’s overall expenses occur All managers should know about the latest façade access and fall protection regulations Façade access rules PAGE 6 Must-have amenities alone can’t guarantee your tenants will stay once leases expire Tenant retention PAGE 10 Denver Metro BOMA celebrates the 2017 Watts to Water award winners Watts toWater PAGE 22 Please see Page 24 July 2018 From silos to shared: Smart technology makes its mark Haselden Construction “Smart” buildings integrate technology to enhance the comfort, safety and performance goals of a building in order to impact the customer satisfaction and loyalty of its occupants. Pictured above, the University of Wyoming's $68 million research facility, which opened in 2017, features technology systems that enable smart building systems. Chris Cole Director, technology solutions, Encore Electric