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f you own or lease an office

building, there’s a chance that

the rentable area may increase

when measured with the new

BOMA 2017 Office Standard,

released in October. The recently

launched office standard has made

some significant changes in the

types of spaces included in rentable


The Building Owners and Manag-

ers Association International dis-

tributes floor-area measurement

standards to provide a uniform

basis for measuring rentable area in

existing and new buildings. While

the 2017 version of the Office Stan-

dard adopts best

practices learned

from the 2010 ver-

sion, it also seeks

to accommodate

design and ame-

nity trends, which

have evolved since

the previous stan-

dard was released.

As people

embrace more

convenient life-

styles – blending

work and play –

the built environ-

ment must keep

pace. Today’s ten-

ants are demand-

ing more ameni-

ties, at both an

increase in size

and quality. This

all comes with a

cost to the devel-

oper, and tenants

have shown that

they are willing

to pay a premium

for places and ser-

vices that support

their lifestyle.

One of the amenities that has

influenced the BOMA 2017 standard

is the inclusion of outdoor balconies

and rooftop terraces in rentable

area. These spaces are becoming an

expectation of tenants, who have a

renewed focus on employee produc-

tivity and wellness, and who under-

stand that access to nature and out-

door spaces is a critical component

to their workplace strategy.

In the past, there was not a con-

sistent method for building owners

to account for tenant amenities,

such as rooftop terraces and bal-

conies. BOMA is catching up to the

market, and the new standard will

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Garett Naff

Area analysis

consultant at

Gensler, and BOMA


committee chair,



Prologis’ new Denver office utilizes outdoor amenity space, which can now be included in the property’s rentable area, according to the new BOMA 2017 Office Standard.

Jon Gambrill

Managing director,

Gensler, Denver