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nergy retrofitting means

including energy-efficiency

processes in all building

upgrades, renovations and

repair activities related to a

building’s energy-consuming sys-

tems. Systems may include the

building envelope, heating, ventilat-

ing and air-conditioning, automa-

tion, lighting and roofing systems.

When chartering energy retrofit

projects for existing buildings, it is

assumed that the operating team

has a sound understanding of the

building’s mechanical and electrical

systems, as well as mechanical, elec-

trical and plumbing systems interac-

tions, overall energy performance

characteristics and maintenance


One of the first

tasks is to retro-

commission the

MEP systems of a

building in order

to meet the design


and performance

expectations of

the original design

team and to

improve how build-

ing systems func-

tion together. This

process not only

creates a baseline

for performance,

but also allows for

a more accurate payback analysis

of system retrofits based on energy

savings. The team will develop an

understanding of individual system

component performance and the

performance impact to the whole

system. Depending on the age of

the building, sometimes it is helpful

to consult with the original design

consultants to understand the basis

of design.

Our company also mandates

annual Energy Star benchmarking

using the Environmental Protection

Agency’s Energy Star Portfolio Man-

ager benchmarking tool to allow the

team to better understand how the

building is performing when com-

pared to similar buildings nation-

wide. Energy-use intensity results

will be reflected in thousand British

thermal units, kBtu, per occupied

square foot. The smaller the value,

the better.

There are two types of energy ret-


• Conventional energy retrofits.


ventional energy retrofits are system

modifications that focus on isolated

system upgrades and a quick pay-

back (typically less than three years)

such as retro commissioning, HVAC

system upgrades, building automa-

tion system upgrades and lighting

system upgrades.

• Deep-energy retrofits.

A deep-

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Michael A.

Turzanski, PMP,


Senior vice




Cushman &

Wakefield of

Colorado, Denver

A look at the inside of the main mechanical room at 1670 Broadway, a Cushman & Wakefield managed property.