H istorically, the office has been a place where companies bring their people together to foster innovation and collabora- tion; perform individual job functions; access a vast array of tools that promote efficient productivity for work outcomes; and where individuals experience personal and professional growth. It is where organizational cul- ture has been nurtured. During the current global pandemic and the mas- sive shift to working from home, orga- nizations and individuals have shown a tremendous ability to adapt, often being forced to drastically modify work models within a few days or weeks. Our company has adopted a data-driv- en, evidence-based approach to under- standing the key drivers of workplace experience, whether it is in the office or the current work from home environ- ment.Through our bespoke Experience per Square Foot database, XSF, we have analyzed more than 2.5 million data points driving workplace experi- ence fromworkers all over the globe in the pre-COVID-19 era.Through XSF@ Home, the world’s largest work-from- home experience study, we have an additional 2.8 million data points from more than 56,000 respondents world- wide in the current work-from-home environment.This allows us to provide insights into how employees are coping right now and to identify the successes as well as the challenges. A rigorous understanding of these issues will help informwho should return to the office and ultimately lay the platform to innovate and evolve workplace strate- gies to develop an ecosystem of work- places that promote both well-being and productivity. The home survey included 759 respondents from Colorado, and these results can be used to determine what’s working and what’s not working for Colorado employees. For example: • 69% of Colorado respondents agree or strongly agree they feel productive when they need to focus (compared with 75% of global respondents). • 68% of Colorado respondents agree Please see Page 24 September 2020 INSIDE Owner insights PAGE 12 Asset maintenance PAGE 18 Market trends PAGE 14 Owners discuss how COVID-19 is forcing workplaces to evolve to inspire wellness Considerations for keeping the inside and outside of a building fresh for today’s market The 21st century office is changing, with a primary focus on flexibility for all Amy Clark, Architect, LEED AP BD+C Workplace strategy, Cushman & Wakefield The future of Colorado’s workplace When employees are in the office, new configurations will need to be created for health and wellness. Pictured above is Cushman & Wakefield’s Six Feet Office concept.