M uch has been written in recent years about the ideal workplace – it’s become a national topic of debate and conversation. Every compa- ny, large and small, is looking for ways to accommodate multigenerational preferences, enhance productivity and reduce costs. For Colorado real estate professionals working in our fast-growing market, success often depends on the ability to find, opti- mize or sell one of these commercial office spaces. But what’s really work- ing for today’s busi- nesses?What’s not working? And how do we know? As a business owner specializing in designing and curating shared workspaces across the U.S., I’ve seen so many businesses and workspaces fall prey to the same trendy ideas about open, collaborative, fun-centric office culture – and then suffer the consequences of doing so. The truth is, today’s workers don’t want or need more workplaces outfit- ted with rows of tightly packed group desks, bean bag chairs and game con- soles. Instead, we need to elevate our thinking and return to the idea of the professional workplace. Here are a few ideas for doing just that. • Create private spaces. The biggest missed opportunity I see in Colorado offices today is the lack of private workspaces. Lured by the trends espoused in the catchy millennial- themed articles of recent years, and seduced by the thought of saving on real estate costs – office owners and leaders overwhelmingly established workplaces in the open floor plan or “bullpen” layout. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of Please see Page 18 December 2018 INSIDE Design for occupants PAGE 9 Project spotlight PAGE 17 BOMA 2017 standard PAGE 11 Making the financial case for designing offices around a company’s greatest asset: its people. The 20-building DenverWest Office Park is being reimagined for the next generation. The latest office standard offers long-term benefits for both landlords and tenants. Matt Ferstler Founder and CEO, Firmspace The return to the professional workplace Firmspace The return to the professional workplace calls for spaces that are private, preferably with a door. It doesn’t have to be large in size, but it needs to be quiet.