A s a burgeoning top-tier city, Denver boasts a rich history steeped in entrepreneurship, collaboration and commerce. These historical roots are evi- dent in the numerous brick buildings throughout the downtown area that bear witness to Denver’s role as a key industrial and transportation hub more than a century ago. Today, as Denver continues to attract trailblazing companies and individuals seeking the enviable Colorado lifestyle alongside opportunities for growth, the impulse to do away with the old and carve a new path is tempting.When not approached with care, that impulse can lead to the loss of the historical integrity of this city as well as a big part of its character. In fact, owners in Denver spent the first half of the 1960s demolishing buildings all over town, many of which had rich histori- cal significance. It wasn’t until 1967, with the passage of the Denver Land- mark Preservation Ordinance, that the city embarked on an intentional urban renewal movement that redevel- oped areas like Larimer Square, Lower Downtown and other adjacent neigh- borhoods.Today, the central business district is approaching the develop- ment, redevelopment and overall built environment with similar intentional- ity. Commercial real estate firms are actively working on solutions that both preserve what makes Denver unique and support the next generation of residents and tenants. Preserving com- munities is at the core of our real estate philosophy, and one of the ways that happens is through the thoughtful renovation of older buildings – from historic 1880s warehouses to 1980s office buildings. By developing a vision for what these older spaces can be for Please see Page 26 Unico Properties The 300,000-square-foot Denver Club Building, constructed in 1954, underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation to provide modern amenities, including an industrial-chic bowling alley and social space, all without compromising the historic nature of the design. September 2018 Historic properties embrace modern amenities INSIDE Investor insights PAGE 12 Project spotlight PAGE 24 Co-working appraisal PAGE 16 Economic and demographic research is driving these investors outside gateway markets A question-and-answer with the developer of Block 162, which recently broke ground How co-working rates, culture and employee effectiveness compare to traditional spaces Austin Kane Vice president and regional director, Unico Properties