INSIDE A t this point, you probably never need to hear the phrase “new normal” again, but the reality is all properties, and especially health systems’ facilities and medical office buildings, must operate differently for the foreseeable future. The details are innumerable, but it’s our duty to advise MOB investors and their tenants on recommended, fundamental operating protocols; common area and amenities best practices; waiting room recommendations; and scheduling. Our firm has released Recovery Readiness for Medical Offices, a guide that goes into great detail regarding steps landlords and property managers should consider to prepare for increased patient visits; below are some of the highlights. First, to paraphrase the ancient Greeks, know thy leases. Our best recommendation is to make sure both landlords and tenants read and understand their leasing documents. It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how often leases are just filed away and forgotten. Leases likely are silent on pandemic protocols, but other clauses and provisions may apply. Open communication between the parties, discussion and agreement regarding what health care tenants plan to do to ensure patient safety – as well as that of other tenants – and understanding what measures the landlord is taking to assure occupant safety are vital to both parties and should help to ensure that the patients can receive care safely. In terms of end users’ requirements, we do not anticipate any immediate change in the square footage needed by various health care tenants. We are tracking regulations and reimbursements for telemedicine, as well as usage, as physician offices expand in-person visits. We do expect that adoption and use of telemedicine will continue, but there’s no data yet regarding how it may impact Delivering behavioral health design solutions for the youngest patients Designing for tomorrow’s senior communities Thinking small Future design PAGE 12 PAGE 14 Please see Page 18 Lorie Damon Managing director and health care practice lead, Cushman & Wakefield The three-building Union Medical Office Plaza in Colorado Springs sells for $33.63 million Big buy PAGE 4 Recovery readiness in the ‘new normal’ July 2020