INSIDE B arely a day goes by with- out a headline trumpeting new reimbursement rules, hospitals converting to out- patient facilities, hospitals going out of business, CEOs being replaced, people going to jail … all related to changes in reimburse- ment. In an environment where the rules will keep changing and reimbursement shows no signs of settling down, how can good facil- ity design help health care systems and providers succeed? As a national architecture, engi- neering, interiors, planning and consulting firm based in Denver for more than a decade we have worked with health care pro- viders, large and small, across Colorado and the United States fac- ing these same issues. Here are some of the top health care facility trends that we are see- ing today that you may want to consider to help your organization thrive in the years ahead. Increase Revenue Some facility designs promote greater financial success than oth- ers. As experi- enced health care facility designers, we understand that: • To be finan- cially viable, facilities should be designed to be visible and convenient, reinforce the brand identity, and convey the desired image inside and out. Many health care providers want their facilities to convey words such as: welcoming, caring, friend- ly, reassuring, easy to navigate, clean, fresh and state of the art. The most successful health care facilities communicate such ideas, increasing patient satisfaction and volume. Do your facilities engen- der these feelings to passersby, patients and visitors? If not, it may be time for a design refresh. The unique issues and pitfalls in medical office leasing Pitfalls A look at how to incorporate modern medical equipment into existing hospitals Older adult communites take a cue from hospitality industry Integrate Borrowing PAGE 16 PAGE 20 Health care facility trends to watch today Please see Page 7 April 2019 Kelli Falardo, NCIDQ, CID, IIDA Senior interior designer, Page Southerland Page Inc. PAGE 14 A hospital lobby designed by Page. Kurt Neubek, FAIA, EDAC, CSSBB Principal, health care practice leader, Page Southerland Page Inc.