14 / BUILDING DIALOGUE / March 2021 Amenities + Soul, Rev360 Renews the Workplace O ur professional lives have been forever transformed by the pan- demic. As we contemplate the gradual return to our workplaces, organi- zations will face competing pressures of de-densification and financial prudence when evaluating office space. Hybrid work- ing paradigms will emerge helping to soften the initial impacts of this tension, but busi- ness leaders inevitably will look for buildings in which they’re able to extend their footprint, flag and professional efficacy beyond the hard walls of their leased space. Flexible and well- ness-focused amenity spaces, both indoor and outdoor, will be critical to easing the transition back to the workplace post-pandemic, and after over a year of oft-muted experiential monotony, the workforce craves that which they’ve so badlymissed: connection to authentic place, culture and comrade. Designed in an initial wave of development along Brighton Boulevard in 2016, Rev360 drew inspiration fromRiverNorth’s vibrant and self-sufficient neighbor- hoodhistory and culture. During the earliest designde- liberations, the development team, led by Bill Parkhill of Tributary Real Estate and Ed Haselden of Haselden Development, looked to honor the rich history of the site in the expression of the new building. Parkhill’s keen design sense and deep roots in the community, paired with Haselden’s commitment to integrated de- sign and artisan craft as a design-builder, forged a dis- tinct mixed-use development project uniquely suited to its neighborhood and responsive to a patientlywait- ing and soon re-impassionedworkforce. A network of amenities within Rev360 plays an im- portant role in establishing first impressions and driv- ing community culture, but, more importantly, these spaces are carefully designed and appointed to fully embrace their role as productive extensions of the workplace. The cantilevered building massing trans- lates to generous expanded amenity space at street level, affording retail and restaurant tenants strong in- door-outdoor connectivity and footprint expandability without impacting the right-of-way or vehicular curb- side functionality. The primary lobby space is carefully scaled and fur- nished to serve as a common flexible work environ- ment for all building tenants, creating a ground-floor nexus space that sparks community within the build- ing and graciously welcomes community from the surrounding neighborhood. A network of surrounding and interconnected amenities, from food to fitness, es- tablish the lobby as a 24/7 living room for the building, perfect for an early coffeemeeting, a working lunch or an evening cocktail hour. Terraces on every level pro- vide office tenants direct, seamless access to fresh air and a change of scenery during their fluid and expand- edworkday,whilea rooftopcommunity terracecreates a conveningplace for cross-pollinationand social inter- action. Striking art installations, curated by Nine dot Arts and inspired by the thriving River North art scene, deliver distinct neighborhood identity inside and out. This differentiated suite of amenity spaces creates a rich and fluid workplace landscape, well suited for the emerging hybridwork paradigm. With choice at the heart of this newwork paradigm, andwith recently upgraded homeworkspaces remain- ing integral to the workplace ecosystem, it is also criti- cal for thepost-pandemicworkplacetooffer something intangible beyond predictable space and reliable re- sources, a place top talent want to be, regardless of the task at hand, a place that feels truly tailored to compa- Ben Blanchard, AIA Design Principal, Anderson Mason Dale Architects Design Always In the lobby, a rugged weathered steel rebar screen wall stands in counter poise with local artist Romelle’s kinetic triptych. Terraces on every level of Rev360 provide office tenants di- rect, seamless access to fresh air and a change of scenery during their fluid and expanded workday.