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Living O ce
emerges from research on how people think, are motivated, create and
collaborate. It is based on what is fundamental to all humans and evolves continuously,
starting with a shift from generic workstations and meeting rooms to a diverse landscape
of purposeful settings to support people in the various modes of working. It is a more
natural and desirable workplace that fosters connection, creativity, productivity,
and ultimately, greater prosperity for all.
Denver 303.571.5211
Colorado Springs 719.632.1123
A Herman Miller Certi…ed Dealer
is the name used to describe
a working neighborhood that allows a
team to easily transition between focused
and collaborative work as they use a
variety of xed, mobile, personal and
remote technology.
Accommodated Modes of Work:
Co-Create. Divide & Conquer. Huddle.
Contact us to learn more about creating
a Living O€ce for your organization today!
Product featured: Locale by Herman Miller
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