Colorado Free University

Colorado F ree U niversity 7 6 5 3 E . 1 st Place D enver, CO 8 0 2 3 0 3 0 3 - 3 9 9 - 0 0 9 3 O R CU R R E N T O CCU PA N T PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER CO PERMIT NO. 419 DATED MATERIAL Making Bitter Times Sweeter Join Us for Class! As we contend with the challenges of living with Covid-19, CFU is bringing back our favorite super- hero, Captain Free. He’s been lying low for a few years, but is ready to leap back into action! We’re determined to stand strong and remain a re- source to support our community to thrive during this tough time. John Hand founded CFU 33 years ago on the prin- ciple that communities have within them the re- sources to solve their own problems. We now rise to the occasion of Covid-19 to provide the kind of practical and meaningful classes you need to build skills, develop insight, and find inspiration. We’re excited to present classes both in person and online. Online classes will enable us to reach people in a wider geographic area and accommo- date folks staying at home. In-person classes will be conducted in accordance with CDC guidelines (see page 2 for details). Whether classes are on- line or in person, they will be engaging, relevant, and responsive to the needs of participants. Join Captain Free, the CFU staff and the 100+ CFU instructors for our adventures in lifelong learning. Cover & catalog art: ©2020 Simon Hirose. Simon is a student at San Jose State University in illustration and animation. For more of his work or commission inquiries, visit his Artstation at command or Instagram @no_context_for_you.